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All FNAF Security Breach Daycare Generator Locations | Updated [Sep 2022]

In a shocking turn of events, the security breach at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza has been made public. The hackers have released a document that contains the locations of all daycare generators in the area. It is unclear why they would want this information, but it is clear that they are determined to cause havoc at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. We urge everyone to be careful and stay away from these dangerous areas.

Welcome to the FNAF Security Breach: All Daycare Generator Locations blog post. In this post, we’ll be providing you with a comprehensive list of all the daycare generator locations in the game. We’ll also be giving you some tips on how to find them and what to do if you can’t seem to locate one.

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Need of Daycare Generators

Finding the security badge is where things begin. Gregory visits the daycare to examine the security badge inside the guard station in order to let him enter. After entering, the sun drop advises him not to switch on the light and to keep it off.

Moon drop, on the other hand, will appear once you deceive sun drop and go inside to take care of the security badge. Moon drops When Gregory takes the badge and turns off the lights on the security station, Sun transforms into Moon, which is not a pleasant creature. To restore power and block Moon, you’ll need to activate five generators located around the daycare’s several play areas.

All FNAF Security Breach Daycare Generator Locations

Make it simpler for yourself by knocking things over and dashing away the moon drop between, as well as ensuring you don’t mix up the red light, which appears to be identical to Moon drop, and the Generator.

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First Generator

The moon drop begins in the twilight, when the sun drops are still crimson. From the security desk, go to the game area, directly to your left. In order to discover the first Generator, go Left, Right, Left, Right.

Second Generator

Now, pass through the slides on the right side and exit that room, proceeding straight ahead to see the pink wall, then turning left to go up the ramp. There are two ways forward; don’t go down too far on the extreme left or you’ll miss something vital. Continue moving forward until you come upon a pink wall barrier. Pass through it and turn to the right until you reach the second generator.

Third Generator

After you’ve discovered the second one, retrace your steps and make a left turn by the purple wall. Continue straight and turn right to the yellow slide, which is opened from above. After the yellow slide, don’t go left. Go left after the green wall, then up on the right with the curve that you’ll notice a third generator.

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Fourth Generator

At the fourth generator, go to the left of it, which goes right and then left. After you’ve gone down a bit, look to your left for a slide that descends.

Fifth Generator

Then move in a clockwise manner as shown above until you reach the fourth generator. Then go right, then left to the ramp. After that, simply walk straight where you’ll find three stars through the cage. Move to the Left of there, then to the right till you come upon a red-colored staircase (small bridge).

Then go to the next area, which is red in color and resembles a cage. To the top of the slopes, go Right, Right, Right. (3 times) Move Left, Left, Left until you come across the last generator.

Now that you’ve found and switched on the generators at the daycare, the lights will come on at the facility, and the objective will be completed!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you get back into the daycare security breach?

If you didn’t discover the secret present in the daycare’s play area, you will have noticed that there is no real method to re-enter after Sun has ejected you. Here’s an exploit for getting back inside and collecting the easily overlookable gift. This collectible is needed for the VIP distinction.

What floor is the daycare on in security breach?

To the right of the entrance, you will see a staircase going down with a sign overhead that says “1F.” Take this flight of stairs to reach Level 2. To get to the daycare on Level 2, use the elevator in the corner opposite. You should now be on the ground floor. Enter through the door with “Superstar Daycare” written above it, and follow the signs inside until you come upon a recharge station to your right.

How do I let Freddy go to daycare?

Take Freddy with you and go to the entrance of the Daycare. You’ll see a green door with a whiteboard on the wall next to it as you proceed down the road. Enter and discover a bag as well as a present. Make your way back to the entrance of the Daycare immediately, and Freddy will hop into one of the nearby charging units.

Can Moon drop go in the play structure?

During Moon drop’s initial stage, he’ll only wander the open areas surrounding the playpens, thus you shouldn’t have to deal with him. Once you switch on three generators at the same time, Moon drop will enter phase 2, gaining red eyes and declaring that he’s ready to enter the play structure.

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If you’re looking for a quick guide to get through the FNAF security breach, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we walk you through how to find all of the generators and complete the objective. We also answer some frequently asked questions about the game. Good luck!

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