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Among Us Character Colors List | Perfect List [2022]

We’re excited to release the character colors for All Among Us! If you’re curious about what color your favorite character is, look no further. This list includes all of the characters and their corresponding colors. Keep in mind that these may change as the story progresses, but this will give you a good idea of what to expect. Stay tuned for more updates on All Among Us!

Color is such an important part of All Among Us. It helps set the tone and atmosphere of each scene. It also can affect a character’s mood and psychology. For example, the color red might make a character feel angry or aggressive, while blue might make them feel calm or serene. We’ve carefully selected each color for its ability to contribute to the story in a unique way.

Among Us

Among Us Character Colors List: [2022] is a game of social deduction, in which players take on the role of one of several crewmates aboard a spaceship. The ship’s systems are monitored and maintained by the crew, and it is their job to keep things running smoothly. However, there is an impostor among them who wants nothing more than to sabotage the ship and kill everyone on board.

Players must use their wits and detective skills to figure out who the impostor is before it’s too late. All players start out as crewmates, but one player will be chosen at random to be the impostor. The impostor’s goal is to kill all of the other players or complete whatever task is necessary to win the game.

The impostor can kill other players by sabotaging the ship’s systems, or by simply attacking them directly. Crewmates must work together to repair any damage that is done and to find and eliminate the impostor before it’s too late

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Among Us Character Colors List:

We’re excited to share the all Among Us character colors list with you! This list includes all of the colors that will be available for characters in the game. The release date for this update is April 2022. which means there’s plenty of time to plan ahead and decide which color you want your character to be!


Among Us features a variety of different races, including reds. The color red is generally considered to be the greatest because, in Among Us, the majority of the red crewmates are Imposters in terms of statistics, as well as blacks. In most promotional game character designs, the red cremate is used.


The game’s primary color is green. It has been depicted in some of the artwork, but he isn’t the impostor we’re talking about; there are a few things to consider when it comes to the green hue, making him seem more convincing.


Many players identify it as their favorite color. This is referred to as a player’s favorite color in Among Us. The game shows the doubtful and shady crewmates of the mess, who are seen here. In most circumstances, most players believe that the black crewmate may be an impostor in the game.


In the Among Us game, purple is a selective crewmate color, but the most memorable thing is that they had their own animation before the Jam started.

A amount of video animators come together and created a short animation videos with purple color imposter related to the Among Us game.

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The Among Us is a game that consists of many different players from various countries. The Cyan color is quite popular among the users, and most of them are unaware that the Cyan hue in the game is actually light blue with a variety of hues.


Lime is one of the most popular crewmate colors in Among Us, the game we play. The majority of players choose to impersonate others by wearing lime clothing. You may easily select the Lime color in the game’s pre-game lobby from the settings menus before joining a game.


The primary color of the popular game is brown. This hue, like all colors in this range, can be easily mistaken for others and varies from player to player. One of the posters depicts a “how to play” poster in the game, which is useful for players.


White, which is another underutilized hue in the game’s color scheme, is also underappreciated. It is a sensible tone in the game that symbolizes normality.


The default game player’s color is yellow, which is supposed to symbolize the typical game player. When you access the admin terminal on any map, all of your teammates appear as yellow to avoid players from determining the game’s actual colors.


Among Us has a lot of bright, colorful hues, which makes the name “Among Us” very suitable. Furthermore, this hue is dubbed the cheerful individual in Among Us because of actual possibilities.


The Blue Crewmate Color is one of the most popular hues in Among Us. Every player in Among Us has at some point chosen this hue as his crewmate. This hue isn’t seen too much in the game, owing to its name, the blue crewmate is mostly recognized for remaining cool under investigation.


Maroon is a brand-new color theme in Among Us. The majority of this hue is uncommon because it evokes memories of crimson and players choose to pick the red option. Furthermore, the maroon hue has not been used much in promotional videos for Among US.


The crimson hue is also one of the newly introduced colors and female players prefer to wear it. This color is most often associated with sweetness and annoyingness in the player. Some of the top level players have utilized this color as an undetectable fraud in the game.

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The banana hue has grown popular in Among Us, to the point that it’s now known as “the banana hat crewmate.” Because of the yellow banana cap crewmember. This hue was also included in the most recent update, however it is only rarely seen in the animation or on the internet.


The game has a lot of similarities to Blue, the color that is popular among players. This hue is comparable to the Blue color and many gamers prefer to utilize it as an imposter. Because most of the time, in the game, the blue crewmate is pretty much always an impostor.


The color Tan is one of the hard to come by colors in Among Us, which most gamers try to avoid. The Among Us game does not promote the Tan crewmate in much marketing footage, and players prefer black rather than tan when playing the game. However, if you want to stand out in the game, this is one of the ideal color characters for you among the Others.


The majority of the time, the pink crewmate is chosen because this color is very close to the Pink and Rose hues found in the game. If you want to be charming while also attracting boys to you in the lobby, this hue is a good option. Because coral is frequently chosen by ladies or professional gamers wanting to be an excellent imposter in the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Among Us characters colors?

As of April 2022, there are a total of 18 colors that characters can be: white, black, blue, brown, cyan, green, grey, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow. Each color represents something different about the character.

What is the best color to be in Among Us?

At the top of the color spectrum, red is proudly displayed, while the other seventeen hues follow behind.

What does cyan mean in Among Us?

Cyan is one of the colors that players can choose to represent their character. It is also one of the four starting colors, along with red, yellow, and green. Cyan is often seen as a calming color, and it may be associated with trustworthiness and loyalty. In the game, cyan can be used to signal other players that you are trustworthy and can be relied on.

What Colour gets imposter most in Among Us?

Red, the most frequent hue of the phony is one of the most common colors on our website.

How many Among Us character colors are there?

There are eighteen colors that characters can be in Among Us. Each color represents something different about the character.

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As of 2022, there are a total of 18 colors that characters can be in Among Us. Each color represents something different about the character, such as their personality or what they represent in the game. The most common color to be an imposter in is red, followed by blue. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, coral is one of the ideal colors to choose among the Others.

I hope  you enjoyed this All Among Us Character Colors List. blog post! Stay tuned for more content like this in the future.

What are your thoughts on the colors in Among Us? Let us know in the comments below! Personally, I think that the colors are really pretty and they add a lot to the game. I also like how each color represents something different about the character. It makes it more fun to play and it’s also a great way to get to know other players better. Thanks for reading!

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