Azur Lane Tier List

Azur Lane Tier List [Sep 2022] | Top Battleships List

Do you need help deciding which battleships to use in Azur Lane? Look no further! Our tier list for 2022 can help. This list is based on the best ships available right now, and takes into account their stats, abilities, and overall usefulness in battle. So whether you’re just starting out in the game or looking for an update on the latest ships, make sure to check out our tier list!

Azur Lane Game

Azur Lane is a mobile game developed by Yostar, Inc. It was released on May 25th in the year 2017 for iOS and Android operating devices.

Azur Lane: Crosswave (Crosswaves), an enhanced port of the original Azur Lane game that came out for PlayStation Vita in 2019, has been ported to consoles and is set to be released in of 2022.

Gameplay: The game play is similar to that of the popular game “World of Warships.” You are placed in a battle against other players, or AI, and must use your ships to achieve victory. There are different types of ships available for you to choose from, each with their own unique abilities.

Ships: There are many different types of ships available in the game, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Battleships are some of the strongest ships in the game and are great for taking out enemies from a distance. Cruisers are very versatile and can be used for both attacking and defending. Destroyers are fast moving ships that excel at close quarters combat.

Skins: There are several skins available for your ships, each with their own unique look and feel to them. Some of these skins include a dark red skin called “Varna,” which represents the Russian fleet, as well as an all-black skin called “Minsk” that represents the German fleet.

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Azur Lane Tier List [2022]

This is the most updated Azur Lane Tier List for February 2023. All ships are ranked in their tiers with a detailed explanation of why they’re so good or not! You can find all sort of information about them, including how much damage per second (DPS) each ship does and whether or not it’s a battleship, cruiser or destroyer.

The main benefit of having a tier list is that it can help you understand how good or bad a particular ship is. It can also help you make better decisions about which ships to use in battle, as well as helping you strategize better.

Azur Lane S Tier List [2022]

This is the best tier for battleships that are all good against other warships including cruisers and destroyers. All of these players have better stats than those found in lower tiers which makes them much more useful when going up against any other type of warship. These players can last longer against other players and can do more damage before finally being destroyed.

FormidableAircraft CarrierBack Row
HelenaLight CruiserVanguard
CentaurLight Aircraft CarrierBack Row
Friedrich der GrosseBattleshipBack Row
San Diego RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
I-13Submarine CarrierBack Row
SeattleLight CruiserVanguard
RoonHeavy CruiserVanguard
EnterpriseAircraft CarrierBack Row
GeorgiaBattleshipBack Row
EssexAircraft CarrierBackline
AzumaLarge CruiserVanguard
OdinBattleshipBack Row
RichelieuBattleshipBack Row
HoweBattleshipBack Row
NagatoBattleshipBack Row
DrakeHeavy CruiserVanguard
BaltimoreHeavy CruiserVanguard
GascogneBattleshipBack Row
Warspite RetrofitBattleshipBack Row
MonarchBattleshipBack Row
BremertonHeavy CruiserVanguard
RyuuhouAircraft CarrierBack Row
ChapayevLight CruiserVanguard

Azur Lane A Tier List [2022]

The A tier list players are the best of the best and can take on any ship in the game without too much trouble. They have better stats than those found in lower tiers and can last a long time against other warships. If you want to PvP, then it is best to use one of these ships as they will be able to take on most players in the game.

BismarckBattleshipBack Row
NeptuneLight CruiserVanguard
CheshireHeavy CruiserVanguard
AmagiBattle CruiserBack Row
IllustriousAircraft CarrierBack Row
TosaBattleshipBack Row
PerseusAircraft CarrierBack Row
Laffey RetrofitDestroyerVanguard
Saint LouisHeavy CruiserVanguard
Yat-Sen RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
Ping Hai RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
Ning Hai RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
Bunker HillAircraft CarrierBack Row
AkashiRepair ShipBack Row
ZaraHeavy CruiserVanguard
VestalRepair ShipBack Row
NoshiroLight CruiserVanguard
Saratoga RetrofitAircraft CarrierBack Row
Graf ZeppelinAircraft CarrierBack Row
MinneapolisHeavy CruiserVanguard
Jintsuu RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
An ShanDestroyerVanguard
Duke of YorkBattleshipBack Row
Portland RetrofitHeavy CruiserVanguard
IntrepidAircraft CarrierBack Row
MontpelierLight CruiserVanguard
Z23 RetrofitDestroyerVanguard
SwiftsureLight CruiserVanguard
AlabamaBattleshipBack Row
King George VBattleshipBack Row
UnicornLight Aircraft CarrierBack Row
Jean BartBattleshipBack Row

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Azur Lane B Tier List [2022]

The B tier list players are good and can take on ships that are in the C or D tier lists without too much trouble. They have better stats than those found in lower tiers and can last a little longer against other warships. They are not as strong as the players in A and S tiers but can still hold their own against other warships.

LittorioBattleshipBack Row
North CarolinaBattleshipBack Row
BirminghamLight CruiserVanguard
DidoLight CruiserVanguard
HoodBattle CruiserBack Row
Z1 RetrofitDestroyerVanguard
CasablancaAircraft CarrierBack Row
Queen ElizabethBattleshipBack Row
ShouhouLight Aircraft CarrierBack Row
Hyuuga RetrofitAviation BattleshipBack Row
Mogami RetrofitHeavy CruiserVanguard
Little BelLight CruiserVanguard
LondonHeavy CruiserVanguard
ColumbiaLight CruiserElite (Special)
HermioneLight CruiserVanguard
Ark RoyalAircraft BarrierBack Row
AuroraLight CruiserVanguard
IbukiHeavy CruiserVanguard
TirpitzBattleshipBack Row
ChampagneBattleshipBack Row
ClevelandLight CruiserVanguard
KagaAircraft CarrierBack Row
Nicholas RetrofitDestroyerVanguard
Jeanne D’ArcLight CruiserVanguard
ValiantBattleshipBack Row
Newcastle RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard

Azur Lane C Tier List [2022]

The C tier list players are decent but can easily be defeated by ships that are in longer against other players.

AlgerieHeavy CruiserVanguard
BelfastLight CruiserVanguard
SheffieldLight CruiserVanguard
KinuLight CruiserVanguard
Hiryuu RetrofitAircraft CarrierBack Row
GangutBattleshipBack Row
Little RenownBattleshipBack Row
WichitaHeavy CruiserVanguard
ArizonaBattleshipBack Row
SiriusLight CruiserVanguard
Kizuna AlDestroyerVanguard
Prinz EugenHeavy CruiserVanguard
IzumoBattleshipBack Row
Kagerou RetrofitDestroyerVanguard
Curlew RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
SurugaBattleshipBack Row
ZuikakuAircraft CarrierBack Row
RenoLight CruiserVanguard
Souryuu RetrofitAircraft CarrierBack Row
VictoriousAircraft CarrierBack Row
ShoukakuAircraft CarrierBack Row
Curacoa RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard

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Azur Lane D Tier List [2022]

The D tier list players are the weakest and are not recommended for use in any sort of PvP setting. They will easily be destroyed by any other warships, including those in the lower tiers. If you are looking to PvP, then it is best to stay away from these players and go for one of the higher tiers where your chances of winning will be much greater.

AkagiAircraft CarrierBack Row
TaihouAircraft CarrierBack Row
Sendai RetrofitLight CruiserVanguard
MikasaBattleshipBack Row
FumiruiruAircraft CarrierBack Row
Shangri-LaAircraft CarrierBack Row
BataanAircraft CarrierBack Row
EagleAircraft CarrierBack Row
BiloxiLight CruiserVanguard

Azur Lane E Tier List [2022]

The worst tier in Azur Lane where no ships are worth using as they will die very quickly from enemies with high level weapons and armor upgrades which makes them useless against any other types of warships including cruisers or destroyers that have better stats than these lower tiered battleships.

IsuzuLight CruiserVanguard
ZeppyAircraft CarrierBack Row
ChaserLight Aircraft CarrierBack Row
Anniversary Kizuna AlAircraft CarrierBack Row

Note: Some of these lower tiered ships can still be useful if you’re looking for something cheap and quick but don’t expect to find any real benefits from using them against other players because they simply won’t last long enough before being destroyed by enemy fire power which makes it hard to win matches when facing off against higher tiered ships like those found in other tiers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Azur Lane tier list mean?

An Azur Lane tier list is a ranking of all the ships in the game, usually separated by class and rank. It shows which ones are better than others, and gives an idea of what to aim for when you’re choosing your next shipgirl! In this guide we’ll go over some popular picks from each class and rank, but remember that the list is always changing so it’s best to stay up-to-date.

Why Azur Lane tier list useful?

Evaluate the strength of any ship and check out where it stands in comparison to other ships.

It provides an overview of all available ships and their utility in the game. You can use this list as a reference while you progress through the game. It will help you prioritize which ship to upgrade first, etc…

The stronger the ship, the more useful it will be. The weaker ships are not as important and you can skip on them if you want. They might still have some utility for specific tasks, but overall they’re not worth spending resources on unless absolutely necessary (such as in event battles).

How to use an Azur Lane tier list?

Using the tier list is not difficult. It is used to find out which ships are the ones that you should focus on first. If there is a particular ship (or fleet) that you like, then try to look for another one in the same class that can be used as an alternative or backup. Always remember: your favorite does not always mean it’s the best.

How to read an Azur Lane tier list?

You might have read a tier list, and you are wondering what’s the meaning of S+? You can learn more about how to read Azur Lane tiers by reading our main guide.

The top-rated ships are placed in the S category, while the worst are assigned to the E category. The rest of them follow this pattern, with A being superior to B, C, D, and E; B is superior to C; and so on.

Which ships are included in the Azur Lane tier list? 

All ships, whether available to the player or not, are ranked in the Azur lane tier list. This means that even if you’re a first-time player, you can use it to determine which ship to prioritize.

How often will this Azur Lane tier list be updated? 

Azur lane tiers will be updated as new information about the ships becomes available. The first part of the tier list will show how many ships are currently in this lane, and how much stronger a ship must be than any other to enter it. That means when any vessel is launched, it will be included on this Azur lane tier list, and if a recently-released ship turns out to be superior to all the others inured before it, then that vessel will overtake all of them in this lane.

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Final Words

An Azur Lane tier list is a ranking of all the ships in the game, from best to worst. It is updated as new information about the ships becomes available. The first part of the tier list shows how many ships are currently in this lane, and how much stronger a ship must be than any other to enter it. Ships that are included in the Azur lane tier list are those that are considered strong and have potential for use in battle.

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