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Back 4 Blood Character Tier List | Best Cleaners List [2022]

Back 4 Blood is a new game that has been released on the market and it is getting a lot of attention. The reason for this is because the game is very unique and it offers something that other games do not. In this article, we will be discussing the best cleaners in the game.

The Back 4 Blood character tier list will evaluate the game’s greatest and worst characters. It will place all of the cleaners into three tiers and explain why each is superior or inferior.

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Back 4 Blood

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably eagerly anticipating the release of Back Blood. The game looks absolutely incredible, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. But with so many different characters to choose from, it can be tough to decide who to play as. That’s why I’ve put together this quick guide – a Back Blood character tier list!

In Back Blood, there are four different classes of characters: Assault, Support, Medic, and Shooter. Each class has its own unique skills and abilities that can come in handy in different situations.

Back 4 Blood Character Tier List [2022]

Tier List is a ranking system for characters in a game. In Back four Blood, there are Cleaners and Ridden. Cleaners are humans who have been infected with the Green Flu but have not turned into zombies, and Ridden are humans who have been fully turned into zombies. The best cleaners are those who can kill the most ridden without getting killed themselves.

  • Tier list is a ranking system that can help you decide who to play with.
  • By considering a tier list, you will know better what characters are good and which ones need improvement.
  • A tier list can be used when determining if your team has the best chance of winning against another team or whether it is time for some roster changes.

Below is a list of the best cleaners in Back four Blood as of 2022.

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Back 4 Blood S-Tier Characters List [2022]

The Back 4 Blood character tier list ranks the following characters as S-tier. They have high win percentages and pick rates, and they excel in a variety of situations. The vast majority of them play a significant role in the current meta. These personalities may be used to complement any team, and they are frequently the deciding factor between victory and defeat.


She’s the best at what she does and has a great attitude too. Mom is always top-tier in any game she appears in, and Back four Blood is no different. She’s got great DPS, good crowd control, and can even buff her teammates. Mommy is the perfect cleaner for any group.


Hoffman is a fantastic offensive character. When he kills Ridden, he has a chance to obtain ammunition, as well as an offensive inventory. His team benefits include increased movement speed for the team (5%).

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Back 4 Blood A-Tier Characters List [2022]

The A-tier characters are not as powerful as the S-tier ones, but they are not terrible. They aren’t capable of single-handedly carrying a team, but they’re still fantastic at what they do. They have decent health and damage, and their abilities are useful.


Hopper – Jim Hopper is the definition of a Control Cleaner. He’s got a great mix of long range and short range options, as well as plenty of area-of-effect abilities. His ultimate ability is also one of the best in the game, able to clear out large groups of enemies with ease. Jim Hopper is definitely one of the best Cleaners in Back for Blood and should be high on your list if you’re looking to play that role.


The Doc is a great character for those who want to play a support role in Back clean Blood. He has various abilities that allow him to heal and buff his teammates, as well as debuff enemies. He’s not the strongest character in terms of damage output, but he more than makes up for it with his utility.

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Back 4 Blood B-Tier Characters List [2022]

Although the B-tier list characters rank lowest here, they are not bad choices. They have their own strengths and can easily fight on their own. Just don’t expect them to carry the team any time soon. If you want to choose them, go ahead; just keep in mind that they may not be as effective as other characters.


Karlee “Witch” Wilkes is a powerful Cleaner who excels at both close and long range combat. She is able to quickly dispatch Infected with her blades, or pick them off from a distance with her crossbow. Her wide array of abilities make her a versatile member of any team, and her cheerful demeanor helps keep everyone’s spirits up in the face of adversity.


The Hunter is a fantastic character for precise kills. When he makes precision kills, he improves his accuracy (by 20%) and damage (by up to 10%). His team effects include increased health (up to 10 points).


Evangelo is an excellent protagonist for breaking out of holds (once every 60 seconds). He has improved stamina regeneration and increased movement speed for the team, as well as better endurance.


Holly is a fantastic stamina-recovery option. When she kills a Ridden, she gains ten strengths and has increased damage resistance (by up to 10%). Her teammates’ stamina improves (up to 25 points).

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are the best characters in Back 4 Blood?

The S-tier characters are the best in Back 4 Blood. They have the most health, power, and usefulness.

How often is the Back 4 Blood character tier list updated?

The Back character tier list is updated every month, on the first of the month. The update schedule may be subject to change in the future.

Why is the B tier at the bottom?

The B tier is at the bottom because they are not as effective as the other cleaners. They may be able to clean up a few zombies, but they will not be able to handle a large number of them.

What are the criteria for this Back 4 Blood character tier list?

The criteria I used for this Back blood character tier list are as follows:

  • How much utility each character has in a firefight. This includes things like healing, damage output, crowd control, and any other unique effects they may have.
  • How well each character synergizes with the others.
  • How strong each character is individually

Who made this Back 4 Blood character tier list?

This tier list was compiled by a group of seasoned gamers. So you may rest confident that the data is correct.

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Final Words:

Back 4 Blood tier list is a comprehensive guide to the best character in the game. It includes detailed information on each character, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they compare to other characters in the game. The list is constantly updated as new characters are released and changes occur in the game. You can find the latest version of the tier list on our website.

If you have any questions about the Back 4 Blood Tier list, feel free to ask us in the comments section below. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks for reading!

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