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In Minecraft, the blast furnace is an important block for smelting ores. It requires a lot of coal and iron to work, but it can produce a lot of metal in return. In this blog post, we will show you how to craft the blast furnace in Minecraft. We will also provide a step-by-step guide on how to use it!

In Minecraft, the blast furnace is a utility block that can be used to smelt metals and other materials. The blast furnace is similar to a regular furnace, but it can smelt all ore blocks and items. When supplied with fuel and an ore block, the blast furnace will smelt the ore into an ingot.

The blast furnace is available in the following versions:

  • Java Edition: Blast Furnace Recipe in Minecraft – How To Craft (2023)
  • Bedrock Edition: Blast Furnace Crafting Recipe – How To Make A Blast Furnace In Minecraft (2021)
  • Pocket Edition: How To Make A Blast Furnace In Minecraft – Pocket Edition & Windows Phone Tutorial (2017)

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What is Blast Furnace?

Blast Furnace is a utility block that converts Iron Ore into Iron Ingots. It is used in conjunction with an Iron Pickaxe to mine Iron Blocks.

Considering that a blast furnace in Minecraft takes less than one minute to operate (at full capacity), it’s an excellent tool for creating iron ingots. You can therefore use it for many crafting assignments, from making a spell table to constructing a Minecraft banner to defend yourself.

It’s a cobblestone crafting device comprised of eight blocks. The Blast Furnace is a vanilla block that resembles a furnace. It can only detect minerals, metal tools, and armors, but it does so twice as fast as a regular oven.

How to Craft a Blast Furnace?

First, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Eight (08) iron ingots
  • One (01) furnace

To craft a blast furnace, place the ingredients in your crafting table as shown below. The top and bottom rows must be filled completely with iron ingots while the middle row must have one (01) empty space in the center. This empty space will be occupied by the furnace. 

Once you have placed the ingredients correctly, you will see the blast furnace appear in the box to the right of your crafting grid. Simply drag it into your inventory and you’re good to go!

How To Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the blast furnace is a utility block that can smelt metal ores. It is used to produce iron ingots, gold ingots, and other metal-based items. The blast furnace can be built from several types of blocks, including stone, obsidian, and nether brick.

To make a blast furnace in Minecraft, first you need to gather the following materials:

  • Iron ore – found underground in veins or mountains
  • Coal – found above ground near trees or in abandoned mineshafts
  • Furnace – can be crafted from eight cobblestone blocks

Once you have gathered all of the necessary materials, follow these steps to craft a blast furnace:

  • Place the iron ore in the top slot of the furnace, and the coal in the bottom slot.
  • Light the furnace with a match or a flint and steel.
  • Wait for the iron ingot to smelt. This process will take about 15 seconds.
  • Once the iron ingot has smelted, remove it from the furnace with a pickaxe.

And that’s it! You have now successfully crafted a blast furnace in Minecraft!

How To Use a Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

First, you need to open the Blast Furnace menu. To do this, right-click on the blast furnace while holding a fuel item in your hand. Next, you need to add items to be smelted in the top slot and coal or a charcoal block in the bottom slot of the GUI. Finally, click on the “Start” button to start smelting your items. You can check the progress of your smelting process by looking at the arrow on the left side of the GUI. When it reaches the end, your items will be smelted! Congratulations! You have now learned how to use a blast furnace in Minecraft! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best fuel for a blast furnace?

In Minecraft, coal is one of the best fuels for a blast furnace. Because some items burn longer than others and you can smelt more things in a shorter time period, it’s an excellent fuel for the blast furnace.

Why isn’t my blast furnace working in Minecraft?

The blast furnace must have enough coal within it in order for it to operate effectively. If anything else is used, the equipment may malfunction.

How do I use the furnace in Minecraft?

To start a burner, face it and right-click or push the button used to place blocks or utilize other devices.

Can you cook food in a blast furnace in Minecraft?

The smell of food isn’t. Instead, use a regular furnace or a campfire to smell it. When you collect goods from a blast furnace, you will gain less expertise than when obtaining things from a conventional furnace.

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Final Words

Blast furnaces are a great way to smelt metal ores in Minecraft. In this tutorial, we will show you how to craft a blast furnace from scratch and how to use it effectively.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to craft a blast furnace in Minecraft! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and we’ll do our best to answer them. Happy crafting!

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