Our Contributors

People generally searching for the latest guides and information on gaming everyday. So it’s our duty to find the latest stuff on the internet and post it on this blog to get the people aware of latest gaming guides and news. But we need couple of contributors from the industry who’ll help us to bring some latest news and knowledge from the internet and putting that here as posts.

So find out our most famous contributors who’s really well in contributing their knowledge and research skills and helping us to keep you updated with the latest stuff.

Yahtzee Croshaw:

Yahtzee is one of our contributor that helps us to gather the information for posting on this blog. Yahtzee is working individually to research on the gaming stuff and he’s leading contributor on this blog to publish the latest articles on this blog.

Yahtzee was a famous gamer back in 2015. He was very popular gamer later on he started working to write different books on how people can make career in gaming industry. We bring him to this blog to provide some insightful guides on this blog so you guys have some good guides to read.

If you are looking for guides on your favourite topics you can mail to him on [email protected]

Jeff Gerstmann:

Jeff Gerstmann is another contributor on this blog. He’s generally writing on the tricks and gaming guides that enhance your gaming experience. He’s good at researching and finding the ultimate tricks to improve your gaming experience just like you were using cheats in GTA game :p

Jeff is a famous gamer finding daily new techniques of playing games. He’s generally contributing to the famous games like roblox and their working codes list. You can read the all of his articles from this blog as he published many of them.

You can request a guide for your favourite topics on his email [email protected]

These are our contributors who is contributing to this blog as of now. We are adding more members to this to bring you fresh gaming content to this blog. You can request post and guides on your topics through the email [email protected]

Happy Gaming! 🙂