CSGO Knife Commands

CS:GO Knife Commands – Spawn Any Knife For Free

In CS: GO, your knife is a critical weapon for both offense and defense. It’s also the only melee weapon in the game, so mastering it will give you an advantage over all other players.

However, with so many knives to choose from and such a wide variety of options for them including how they spawn and what they do when thrown it can be tough to know which one to use. Fortunately, we’ve compiled this list of CS: GO Knife Commands that will help you find the perfect one for every situation.

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What is CS: GO?

CS:GO, short for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is a multiplayer first person shooter video game. It is the fourth game in the Counter-strike series and was released by Valve Corporation on August 21, 2012.

This CS GO Weapons guide will teach you how to use all of them efficiently. All weapons are either 1 shot kill or 2 shots kill with 1 headshot! The best thing about this guide is that it includes videos to show you what each weapon looks like in action! This way it’s super easy to learn any weapon without having to read through complicated paragraphs of text!

All CS GO knives available here are legal so there’s no risk of getting VAC banned for using them 😉

How to Spawn Knives in CS:GO Using Knife Commands?

There are several CS:GO Knife Commands, but the most popular ones rely on 3 main lines.

The first line specifies the slot you want the knife to spawn in. In this case, we want to spawn a Karambit [1], which is represented by [1]), so Slot 1 should be used for that specific type of knife.

The second line specifies what particular gun or knife you want to replace with your chosen variety – in our case, any standard-issue M9 Bayonet will be replaced by a Karambit [1]. Type these specific command types out while reading from left to right without leaving any spaces in between specific words or commas: [“weapon” “slot” “weapon”]”

The third line specifies the level of quality you want the knife to be on, which is either ‘Minimal’, ‘Normal’, or ‘High’. You can find this specific number next to the type of knife/gun you want it to be; for our Karambit [1], we use  Minimal Quality  (0). If you wanted a normal quality karambit, then type out [“quality” “min”]”weapon”.

Finally, all that needs to be done is adding these 3 lines together, with each one separated by commas. The final mixture should look like this:

(“weapon”, “slot”, “quality”)”weapon””weapon”(insert slot here), (insert quality here)

This is the most basic, but effective CS: GO Knife Commands list.

  • Bayonet – weapon_bayonet
  • Bowie – weapon_knife_survival_bowie
  • Butterfly – weapon_knife_butterfly
  • Classic – weapon_knife_css
  • Counter-Terrorist – weapon_knife
  • Falchion – weapon_knife_falchion
  • Flip – weapon_knife_flip
  • Ghost – weapon_knife_ghost
  • Golden – weapon_knife_gg
  • Gut – weapon_knife_gut
  • Huntsman – weapon_knife_tactical
  • Karambit – weapon_knife_karambit
  • M9 Bayonet – weapon_knife_m9_bayonet
  • Paracord – weapon_knife_cord
  • Navaja – weapon_knife_gypsy_jackknife
  • Nomad – weapon_knife_outdoor
  • Shadow Daggers – weapon_knife_push
  • Skeleton – weapon_knife_skeleton
  • Stiletto – weapon_knife_stiletto
  • Survival – weapon_knife_canis
  • Talon – weapon_knife_widowmaker
  • Terrorist – weapon_knife_t
  • Ursus – weapon_knife_ursus

Use ent_fire command to Pick up Knives:

There’s only one snag to this system, and it’s one you’ll notice right away. Only the blade is created by knife commands in CS:GO; they do not, however, deliver it to your hands. To pick it up, enter this into the console:

  • ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”

To make the knife appear, use this command: “give weapon_knife; give weapon_dynamic” Both arguments must be given after each new knife is created. Fortunately, you may link it to the desired knife’s command by doing so. For example:

  • give weapon_knife_push;ent_fire weapon_knife addoutput “classname weapon_knifegg”

After the command is finished, the Shadow Daggers will be in your hands. In the first phase of the operation, the blades are produced, and you may pick them up and drop them as any other weapon in the second part of the command.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you get a free knife in CSGO?

You can obtain a free CS:GO knife via trades, giveaways, and promotions. More information about obtaining a CS:GO Knife is available at the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) website.

How do you get a knife Bot in CS GO?

There are a few ways to get a knife bot in CS GO. The most drastic way of getting a knifebot is hacking into your account and loading one on there. If you’re more of the polite type, then try joining some giveaways for bots. One final way of doing it is visiting your trade settings and manually set up how many gems you need to give someone before they’ll agree to give you their bot.


This article goes over CS:GO Knife Commands list. It’s a must-read for any gamer who wants to learn more about the knife commands in Counter-Strike GO and how they work. The guide is very detailed with an easy-to-follow format that will teach you all of the basic CS:GO knife commands needed to get started playing online competitively or just practice at home.

This blog post should help keep your head above water while navigating through what can be a difficult, complex game sometimes. You’ll also find out some helpful tips on how to use these weapons effectively in combat scenarios, which should come in handy if you’re new to gaming!

If you have any other questions about anything else related to this blog post – feel free leave a comment below and I’ll try my best to help you out!

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