Exos Heroes Tier List [2023] | Latest List

In this blog post, we will be discussing the Exos Heroes Tier List for January 2023. This list is based on our opinion and takes into account factors such as power, defense, and versatility. We have divided the heroes into three categories: Legendary, Fated, and FC (Future Champions). Let’s get started!

The Exos Heroes tier list ranks the characters in Exos Heroes from best to worst. The heroes are graded based on their usefulness and power, rather than popularity or play frequency.

This tier list is based on my perspective and expertise with each hero, so please think carefully before making any final decisions.

We are currently in the process of revising these tiers and will be releasing them as soon as we have completed all pending changes.

Exos Heroes Game

Exos are a new type of hero that was released in the January 2023 update. They have unique abilities and can be very powerful if used correctly. There are three types of exos: legendary, fated, and FC (future champion).

Each character you acquire will have his or her own abilities that are linked to your preferred play style as well as strengths and weaknesses. It’s available on the Google Play Store and the App Store for iOS devices.

The game’s developers are always working to enhance the game experience for their users. They’re currently focused on new content, events, or features that will assist them retain players in Exos Heroes.

In this article, I’ll go through the many tiers of heroes and what sets them apart from one another. Continue reading if you want to know more about how your hero’s tier affects gameplay!

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Exos Heroes Tier List (2023)

Exos Heroes are divided into six tiers: Fate Core, Fatal, Legendary, Rare, Magical, and Common. The exos heroes tier list ranks all of the characters that may be encountered in-game. The divisions start with S+ and go up to S Tier before returning to A Tier.

  • The S+ tier is the most powerful level and includes several of the game’s most powerful heroes.
  • The S tier is the second-highest star level and has a decent mix of characteristics.
  • The A-D tiers are less powerful than the previous two, but they are still relevant.
  • Tier A will feature the average skills that work well together, while tier D will be seen as filler characters by those who can’t afford other stronger heroes or are still learning how to play Exos Heroes since it won’t have a significant influence on the game at this point.

Let’s go through the tier list for fated heroes, fate core, and 4-star legendary heroes in this post. With that being said, let’s get started!

Fated Exos Heroes Tier List (2023)

Fated Exos are some of the most powerful and rare Heroes in the game. They’re often seen as being on a different level than other Heroes, and many players consider them to be essential for any team composition.

  • Fated Talia – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Chati – C~D Tier
  • Fated Xiakhan – C~D Tier
  • Fated Bathory – A Tier
  • Fated Bernadette – C Tier
  • Fated Mahar – C~ D Tier
  • Fated Bernavas – N/A
  • Fated SEO-A – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Neomi – C Tier
  • Fated Valentina – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Jinai – B+ Tier
  • Fated Uloom – C Tier
  • Fated Dorka – S+ Tier
  • Fated Sabrina – C~D Tier
  • Fated Rera – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Baraka – B~C Tier
  • Fated Kylock – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Baileysh – N/A
  • Fated Valarr – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Garff – B Tier
  • Fated Jinn – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Schmid – S Tier
  • Fated Rachel – B Tier
  • Fated Anastasia – B- Tier
  • Fated Ramge – C- Tier
  • Fated Rudley – C Tier
  • Fated Shufraken – B Tier
  • Fated Emma – C~D Tier
  • Fated Magi – B- Tier
  • Fated Shell – N/A, Check FC tier below
  • Fated Zeon – N/A, Check FC tier below

We’ve put together a list of the best Fated Exos Heroes in the game, based on their overall performance and usefulness in battle.

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Fate Core Exos Heroes Tier List (2023)

The heart of any group is the Fate Core heroes, who can fill a number of functions. These characters should be developed first to aid you in taking down your opponents before they harm you.

  • FC Deva – C Tier
  • FC Iden – E Tier
  • Dorka – S Tier
  • Prithiof – D Tier
  • FC Ramge – A Tier (The First Guardians)
  • FC Corgi – C Tier
  • FC Jinai – S+ Tier
  • FC Leger – B Tier
  • FC Otard – B Tier
  • FC Dana – E Tier
  • FC Baraka – A Tier (The First Guardians)
  • FC Nemeris – D Tier
  • FC Shell – S Tier
  • FC Rachel – S+ Tier (Awakening)
  • FC Luna – S Tier
  • FC Uloom – D Tier
  • FC Degas – C Tier
  • FC Garff – S+ Tier (The Reversed World)
  • Garff – B Tier
  • Carrie – C Tier
  • FC Anastasia – B Tier
  • FC Yao – C Tier
  • FC Bernavas – D Tier
  • FC Neomi – A Tier
  • FC Adams – S Tier
  • FC Annie – S Tier
  • FC Bathory – S+ Tier
  • FC Glenn – D Tier
  • Luna – C Tier
  • FC Rudely – S+ Tier
  • Rachel – C Tier
  • FC Zeon – S Tier
  • FC Kylock – D Tier
  • FC Tantalo – S Tier
  • FC Shufraken – S Tier
  • FC RM – D Tier
  • FC Brooke – A Tier
  • FC Bailyesh – B Tier
  • FC Luke – C Tier
  • FC Rachel – A Tier (Forgotten Memory)
  • FC Bernadette – C Tier
  • FC April – S Tier
  • FC Rera – A Tier
  • FC Nika – E Tier
  • FC Hekin – B Tier
  • FC Uloom – A Tier
  • Schmid – B Tier
  • FC Liffy – E Tier
  • Jinai – D Tier
  • FC Jean – A Tier
  • FC Lyungen – E Tier
  • FC Jinn – A Tier
  • FC Garff – A Tier
  • FC Ramge – B Tier (Awakening)
  • FC Morris – A Tier
  • FC Xiakhan – D Tier
  • FC Lepin – A Tier
  • FC Monica – D Tier
  • FC Chati – B Tier
  • FC Scarlet – B Tier
  • Misty – S Tier
  • FC Schmid – S+ Tier
  • FC Mahar – D Tier
  • FC Baraka – S Tier (Awakening)
  • Shufraken – C Tier
  • FC Emma – B Tier
  • FC Topaki – E Tier
  • FC Talia – S+ Tier
  • FC Rera – S+ Tier (The First Guardians)
  • FC Magi – S Tier
  • FC Wilkes – E Tier
  • FC Sabrina – C Tier
  • Bathory – B Tier
  • FC Iris – S Tier

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Best Legendary Exos Heroes Tier List (2023)

The backbone of your team will be Legendary Exos, who can dominate a game from start to mid. These Exos should be leveled up second to aid you in repelling enemy assaults and winning the fight.

  • Deva – Good Legendary
  • Brook – Good Legendary
  • Lepin – Good Legendary
  • Karin – Good Legendary
  • Astarte – Good Legendary
  • Degas – Good Legendary
  • Leger – Good Legendary
  • Otard – Good Legendary
  • Adams – Good Legendary
  • Cybele – Good Legendary
  • Annie – Good Legendary
  • Tantalo – Good Legendary
  • Scarlet – Good Legendary

Frequently Asked Questions

What does tier mean?

Tier means a rank or level of excellence, power, or status. Tiers are used to compare two or more heroes in terms of their power level. The higher-tier hero is stronger than those below him. In a nutshell, the term “tier” implies that one hero is superior to another in some way.

How does the Exos Heroes Tier List help?

The Exos Heroes Tier List is designed to help you choose the right hero for your team. It shows you which heroes are strongest and weakest so that you can create a powerful team of champions. The tier list is updated regularly, so be sure to check back often to stay up-to-date on the latest changes.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of each Exos Heroes character?

Each Exos Heroes character has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Legendary characters are incredibly powerful but they can be easily killed if they’re not careful. Meanwhile, the Fated characters are very fast and agile but they don’t have as much firepower as the other characters. Finally, the FC characters are great at crowd control but they’re not as strong as the other characters. Knowing these strengths and weaknesses will help you choose the right character for your next battle.

Can I use any hero in any situation?

No, you cannot. Each hero is classified into one of the four tiers: Legendary, Fated, FC, and Common. You must use a hero that is appropriate for the situation. For example, you cannot use a common hero to attack a legendary boss.

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Final Words

Thank you for reading our Exos Heroes Tier List! We hope this article has helped you better understand the different tiers and what each one means. Be sure to check back often as we will continue to update this list as new heroes are released into the game.

That concludes our examination of the Exos heroes’ tier list. There are many different viewpoints on who should be where, but this should serve as a good starting point for anybody looking for assistance in ranking their own heroes. Do you agree or disagree? Leave a remark below if you so desire.

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