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FGO Tier List [2022] | Best FGO Servants List

The FGO Tier List has been updated for January 2022. This list reflects the best servants in Fate/Grand Order based on their performance in battle and overall usefulness. We have made some changes to the tier list since our last update, so be sure to check it out!

If you’re a FGO enthusiast, you know that the game has an abundance of various Servants with varying levels of power. It might be difficult to determine which ones are worth investing your time in and which should be ignored.

To make this decision easier for newcomers to the game, we’ve compiled an FGO tier list that informs them of the game’s overall difficulty.

A tier list is a method for ranking items based on their overall quality. If you’re new to FGO, the Fate/Grand Order tier list may be the most helpful.

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Fate/Grand Order (FGO) Game

Fate/Grand Order is a mobile phone game based on the Fate/stay night visual novel and franchise by Type-Moon. The game was first released in Japan on July 29, 2015, with an English release following on December 15, 2017. In the game, players take on the role of Masters and summon Servants to battle against other players and the forces of evil.

There are a lot of Servants in Fate/Grand Order, and trying to figure out which ones are the best can be daunting. That’s why we’ve put together this FGO tier list to help you decide who your ideal team should be.

Fate/Grand Order Tier List [2022]: Best Servants

Fate/Grand Order is a popular mobile game with a fascinating narrative. This game has a large cast of Servants from throughout history and across cultures, which provides for some extremely creative gameplay situations!

In this Tier List for Fate/Grand Order, we take a look at the best servants in the game as of January 2022. This list is based on our own opinion and takes into account various factors such as stats, skills, and overall usefulness. Without further ado, here are the top ten servants in Fate/Grand Order!

The purpose of these rankings is to provide players with a sense of how tough each retainer may be when engaged in battle.

In the case of this game, each S and E grade refers to a separate character. So, let’s start with the top characters in FGO.

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FGO Tier S List [2022]

Servants in Tier S are the strongest and most essential servants for any team. They are incredibly versatile and can be used in almost any situation.

FGO Servants ListType
Nikola TeslaArcher
Cu Chulainn (Alter)Berserker
Amakusa ShirouRuler
Chloe von EinzbernArcher
Zhuge LiangCaster

Your favorite characters, when you need just a little more assistance. If you have one of these Servants on your team, you’ll be able to destroy adversaries with ease.

FGO Tier A List [2022]

In this level of service, the servants are still a formidable force against any threat and can assist turn the tide when things get tough. They may not be as strong as those in the S Rank, but they are still useful.

FGO Servants ListType
Wolfgang Amadeus MozartCaster
Mash KyrielightShielder
Altria PendragonSaber
Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)Berserker
Hans Christian AndersenCaster
Paracelsus von HohenheimCaster
Jeanne d’ArcArcher
Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)Avenger
Sakata KintokiBerserker
Katsushika HokusaiForeigner
Edmond DantesAvenger
Okita SoujiSaber
Francis DrakeRider
Nero ClaudiusSaber
Atalante (Alter)Berserker
Miyamoto MusashiSaber
Helena BlavatskyCaster
Emiya (Alter)Berserker
Ishtar (Alter)Rider
Sakamoto RyoumaRider
Gaius Julius CaesarSaber
Robin HoodArcher
Lu Bu FengxianBerserker
Okado IzoAssassin

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FGO Tier B List [2022]

Yes, your Servants in this level may not be the greatest, but they still have their uses! They might be strong when it comes to defending or attacking from a distance. These Servants can make excellent use of abilities like “Defense up,” which can protect your teammates while also doing significant damage to bosses.

FGO Servants NameType
Paul BunyanBerserker
Antonio SalieriAvenger
Illyasviel von EinzbernCaster
Nero Claudius (Alter)Caster
Ivan the TerribleRider
Queen MedbSaber
Mecha Eli-chanAlter Ego
Sherlock HolmesRuler
Leonardo Da VinciCaster
Xuanzang SanzangCaster
PassionlipAlter Ego
Oda NobunagaBerserker
Elisabeth BathoryLancer
Caster of MidrashCaster
Caster of OkeanosCaster
Gilgamesh (Alter)Caster
Fionn mac CumhaillLancer
Eric BloodaxeBerserker
Tawara ToutaArcher
Billy the KidArcher
Kid GilgameshArcher
Charles BabbageCaster
Oda NobunagaArcher
Saint MarthaRider
Jing KeAssassin
Sasaki KojirouAssassin

FGO Tier C List [2022]

The Servant’s in this tier are passable, but they may not be the greatest when it comes to fighting strong opponents. They have only average abilities across the board, so these Servants will require significant support from the rest of the team.

FGO Servants NameType
Edward TeachRider
Vlad IIIBerserker
Darius IIIBerserker
Hijikata ToshizoBerserker
Abigail WilliamsForeigner
Archer of InfernoArcher
Saint MarthaRuler
Suzuka GozenSaber
Nitocris (Alter)Assassin
Avenger of ShinjukuAvenger
Li ShuwenLancer
Marie AntoinetteRider
Chevalier d’EonSaber
Amakusa ShirouRuler
Sessyion KiaraAlter Ego
Charles-Henri SansonAssassin
Henry Jekyll & HydeAssassin
Cu Chulainn (Alter)Caster

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FGO Tier D List [2022]

In this level, the average servant is quite weak and will have trouble bringing down a strong opponent. Before they can even consider battling anything tough like an “S Rank Servant,” they’ll need some major assistance.

FGO Servants ListType
Fuuma KotarouAssassin
Rider of RsistanceRider
Ryougi ShikiSaber
Okta Souji (Alter)Alter Ego
Tamamo CatBerserker
Thomas EdisonCaster
Katou DanzoAssassin
Marie Antoinette (Alter)Caster
Helena Blavatsky (Alter)Archer
Assassin of ParaisoAssassin
Archer of ShinjukuArcher
Gilles de RaisSaber
Musashibou BenkeiLancer
Phantom of the OperaAssassin
Mata HariAssassin

FGO Tier E List [2022]

This grade of Servants is not encouraged to fight and serves only a function if they have abilities that aid in the gathering of resources or the advancement of other Servants on your team. These servants may be able to take a punch, but they won’t do much damage in return.

FGO Servants ListType
Anra MainiiuAvenger
Arthur PendragonSaber
Caster of the Nightless CityCaster
Assassin of ShinjukuAssassin
Medusa (Alter)Lancer
Gilles de Rais (Alter)Caster

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a tier list mean?

A tier list is a ranking of items or individuals, usually according to their effectiveness. The term is often used in video gaming, where it can refer to the rankings of characters, weapons, and other elements in a role-playing game.

In Fate/Grand Order, there are many different servants that players can summon. Some are more powerful than others, and some are more useful in certain situations. This can make it difficult to determine which servants should be used in a particular situation.

A tier list can help to simplify things by ranking the servants according to their effectiveness. This way, players can easily see which servants are worth using in different scenarios.

What are the benefits of an FGO tier list?

The FGO tier list is a useful tool for newcomers to the game who don’t know which characters to use. It will show you which servants are the best and which ones to avoid. As a result, you can focus on enhancing the finest servants while ignoring those that aren’t as good.

How to use the FGO tier list?

There are several levels for various people. If you’re looking for a tier list that applies to your gameplay, the ideal thing to do is try one out and hope it’s accurate!

Which FGO tier list has the best servants?

Tier S is the most powerful list in Fate/Grand Order, featuring some of the game’s mightiest servants who will be able to take on any opponent!

What is the Fate/Grand Order tier list for?

The Fate/Grand Order tier list is for the game of Fate/Grand Order. It ranks servants according to their effectiveness in order to help players determine which ones are worth using.

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Final Words

The FGO tier list is a yearly review of the best Servant in Fate/Grand Order. This year, there are some new additions to our rankings with characters like Mordred and Scathach jumping up high on the charts. Meanwhile, Gilgamesh has fallen from his top spot after being dethroned by Jeanne d’Arc who now sits at number one.

We hope you enjoyed this FGO tier list, and we’ll keep it up to date as more characters are added to the game. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to let us know, and we will do our best to answer them all.

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