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How To Become President In BitLife? | Stepwise Guide [2022]

In BitLife, you can become president in 2022! All you have to do is follow these simple steps. First, make sure you are at least 18 years old. Next, register to run as a candidate with the Federal Election Commission. Then, start campaigning and gathering support from voters. And finally, win the election by earning the most votes!


Hello, everyone! In this blog post, We’ll be discussing how to become President in BitLife. This is a guide for those of you who are looking to achieve this goal in the game, and it will be updated as new information becomes available.

First and foremost, let me give you a brief overview of what BitLife is. BitLife is a text-based life simulation game that allows players to make choices that will affect their virtual characters’ lives. The game starts from birth and ends at death, and players can choose to live out their characters’ lives however they see fit. There are many different paths that players can take their characters down, and one of those paths is becoming President in Bitlife.

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How to Become a President in Bitlife?

Become a President in Bitlife is not as difficult as you may think. In this guide, we will show you how to become president in Bitlife.

To begin with, you must join the Bitlife Premium Membership to be able to run for president. The membership is available for about $4.99. This is a critical step since we said you’d need cash previously, both in-game and out of it. Follow these steps once you’ve purchased your premium membership

Smart and Looks

The game’s visuals are simple and light, which is good. However, the story and cutscenes are rather dark in tone. It can be difficult to discern between them at first glance. When you play Bitlife for the very first time, make sure that you select your device wisely since there are many options available on it! The characters of the game may be rerolled before you begin playing because of this feature.

The best thing about Bitlife is that the characters may be rerolled before you start playing. There are four basic indexes that every character has: happiness, health, smartness, and attractiveness. When it comes to running for president later in the game as a President in Bitlife, the most important indexes to get points in are happiness, health, and smartness.

You can get points in these indexes by taking care of your character and doing things that will make them happy, healthy, and/or smart. For example, you can have your character work out to improve their health index or read books to improve their smartness index. There are many different ways to get points in each index, so experiment with different activities and see what works best for your character.

As a result, the start of your presidential campaign is determined by the moment you launch the game since you must make sure these two indexes are above 60 when your player begins. It may take several rerolls to end up with a decent placing, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

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Since you can’t become a President in Bitlife while you’re still young, why not spend that time sharpening skills that will help you obtain one? After high school, you may pursue a degree in politics or social science to improve your chances of becoming the president. This is not required, but it is strongly advised.

With everything out of the way early and mid-life, let us get into the key features of winning an election. To do so, make sure you stay on top of a number of things as indicated below. Because of such factors, becoming a President may be time-consuming.

One of the most essential aspects, as you can see, is popularity/fame. You need people to know you in order for them to consider voting for you. Making a social media profile and interacting with your followers on a regular basis might help you gain popularity. Giving speeches, appearing on TV as often as possible, and marrying a monarch are all methods of gaining recognition.

Another thing we said at the start of the article is the need for cash. This may be obtained in a variety of ways, but make sure you don’t get caught. Because a criminal record never benefits a President. Similarly, each election provides an opportunity to build expertise. It is crucial to maintain positive ties with all members of political parties and other organizations.

You will be one step closer to becoming the President in Bitlife if you follow these tips! Do let us know how it goes for you.

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So, there you have it! Our guide on how to become President in BitLife. We hope that this will help you on your quest to achieve the highest office in the land. Remember, stay focused and work hard and you’ll get there eventually. Good luck!

Do you have any tips on becoming President in BitLife? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check out our other guides for more information on BitLife. Thank you for reading! Until next time… Cheers!

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