How to Get Them All 4 Ships in Valheim (2023) | Detailed Guide

Valheim is a world in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet that is home to 4 unique ships. These ships are the only way to travel quickly between different parts of Valheim, and they are also very powerful weapons. In this blog post, we will discuss where to find each of the 4 ships, and how to obtain them.

The first ship is the Raft, which can be found in the northeast corner of Valheim. To obtain it, you must defeat the boss at the end of the dungeon called The Tower.

The second ship is the Karve, which can be found in the northwest corner of Valheim. To obtain it, you must defeat the boss at the end of the dungeon called The Tower.

The third ship is the longship, which can be found in the southwest corner of Valheim. To obtain it, you must defeat the boss at the end of The Tower.

The fourth and final ship is a secret one, as it cannot be found anywhere in Valheim. To obtain it, you must defeat the boss at the end of The Tower.

How to Craft the Raft

The Raft is the first ship you will need to craft in Valheim. To make the raft, you will need: 15 Logs, Rope, Nails.

  • Once you have all of the required items, follow these steps to craft the raft:
  • Step One: Open the crafting menu and select the “Raft” icon.
  • Step Two: Place the logs in the middle of the crafting grid.
  • Step Three: Place the rope on top of the logs.
  • Step Four: Nail the ropes to each side of the logs.

You have now crafted a Raft.

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How to Drive the Raft/All Ships

The raft is the only way to get around in Valheim, and there are four ships you can drive: the Berserker, the Valkyrie, the Dragon, and the Frost Giant. You can find all of them at different locations throughout the world. The Berserker is located near Midgard’s coast, east of Mount Fafnir.

The Valkyrie is located on a small island southwest of the Sunken Temple. The Dragon is located in the middle of the sea, just northwest of Valheim’s coast. And lastly, the Frost Giant can be found northeast of Midgard, near the entrance to Helheim.

To drive a ship, you first need to find a Shipwreck. This is the only way you can find ships in Valheim, and they will spawn randomly throughout the world. Once you’ve found one, it’s time to get building.

You’ll need several resources: wood, iron nails, leather scraps (for sails), hide scraps (for a steering wheel), and rope. The materials you need depend on which ship you want to build.

To use the resources, go into your inventory and select a resource from the list (wood, leather scraps, hide scraps) or press TAB if it’s already in your hotbar. Then click on any of them to place them in an empty slot on that page.

If you don’t see any empty slots, try clicking the arrow next to “All Items” on the left side of your screen. Once you’ve added all necessary resources into their respective pages, it’s time to construct!

To construct a ship, first equip an axe (wooden or steel) and then select the resource from your inventory window that corresponds with the ship you’re trying to build. Then, hold down the left mouse button and drag it over to the Shipwreck.

You’ll see a green outline of where the ship will be placed. When you release the mouse button, your character will start constructing automatically!

It usually takes around 15 minutes to fully construct a ship, but this can vary depending on the ship. You can check the status of your construction by looking at the progress bar in the bottom left corner of your screen. When it’s done, you’ll automatically get in and drive away.

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How to Craft the Karve

The next ship is called “Karve” and it requires a total of 20 Iron Nails, 80 Wood, 30 Deer Hide, 50 Fine Wood. It also needs 25 Ancient Runes.

To get Iron Nails, you will need to smelt iron ore into nails at a forge. The recipe is two iron ore to one nail.

You can find Wood by chopping down trees, or you can gather it from wooden crates and barrels. Deer Hide can be obtained by skinning deer with a knife. You will need to equip the knife in your main hand tool slot and press “F” to skin deer.

Fine Wood can be obtained by chopping down trees, or you can gather it from wooden crates and barrels. Ancient Runes can be found as loot on killed enemies, or you can purchase them from merchants.

The Karve moves at a speed of 50. It has a health pool of 250 and can hold up to 25 units of cargo. The Karve is also equipped with a harpoon launcher that deals 150 damage per shot.

How to Drive the Karve

The Karve is the second ship in Valheim and it’s a fast, nimble vessel that can easily outpace most other ships. To drive the Karve, you’ll need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to steer it in the direction you want to go. The W key will make your ship move forward while the S key will make it move in reverse.

The A and D keys can be used to rotate your ship left or right, respectively, while the spacebar will allow you to jump into the air. You can use this to get over obstacles or to reach higher areas. Be careful, though, because falling off of a high ledge can often lead to your death.

The Karve is a four-seat vessel and requires 350 Wood, 20 Deer Hide, and 15 Bronze to craft. You can build it using your hammer on a Workbench. It has no weight limit either so you can also add as many seats or storage boxes as you like.

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The Longship is a fast and maneuverable vessel that can be equipped with both sails and oars, making it perfect for coastal raiding or traveling long distances. The Longship can also hold up to 50 troops, making it a formidable force on the battlefield.

To get your hands on a Longship, you’ll need to complete the “A New Ship” quest from Jarl Olaf in Valheim.

How to Craft the Longship

The Longship: The second last ship that you can craft is the Longship. To build a Longship, you will need to collect Wood from trees and Deer Hide from deer (both Greydwarf and normal). You also need Coal as fuel.

Crafting Requirements: Wood x 200, Deer Hide x 20 and Coal x 15. You also need Greydwarf Eyes to unlock the Longship (see below).

How to Unlock the Longship in Valheim

You will have to fight a boss called Eikthyr before you can craft the Longship.

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How to Drive the Longship

The Longship is a two-seat vessel, which consists of the hull and the sail. You can build it using your hammer on a Workbench. It requires 150 Wood and 15 Deer Hide to craft but has no weight limit, meaning you can add as many seats or storage boxes as you like! If you’re looking for some help with all of this then check out our Valheim Wiki Guides!

Trailer Ship/Trader’s ship

Trailer ship is the last boat you’ll build in Valheim, and it’s one of the most important. It allows you to explore new lands, find resources like iron ore and silver ore that are only available on certain islands, and also fight bosses like The Elder or Bonemass.

To create a trader ship, you’ll need:

  • 12 logs
  • 18 nails
  • A hammer

The trader’s boat also has a few other features that make it very useful. It can hold up to six chests, making it perfect for transporting resources back to your base. It also has a storage locker which can be used to store any extra weapons or tools you find while exploring.

How to Get the Trailer Ship

There is currently no way to create a trailer ship in Valheim. Because the boat isn’t intended to be used, the player cannot actually drive it about. The only method to obtain this vessel is to spawn it with game console commands.

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Crafting the four ships in Valheim is a pretty simple process. You just need to gather the right materials and have the correct level of crafting skills.

To craft the Karve, you will need Wood, Deer Hide and Bronze. The Longship can be crafted with Wood, Deer Hide and Coal. The Trailer Ship requires 12 logs, 18 nails and a hammer. The Trader’s ship needs 18 logs, 36 nails and a hammer.

Raft is a 6-seater vehicle which can hold up to 350 items. It can be crafted using your hammer on a Workbench. You will need Wood, Iron Ore, and Hide to make it.

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