How to Level Up or Upgrade the Forge in Valheim

How to Level Up or Upgrade the Forge in Valheim [2022] | Updated

In this guide, we will show you how to level up and upgrade the forge in Valheim. The forge is an important part of your settlement, and it’s crucial that you keep it upgraded so that you can produce better weapons and armor for your troops. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step, so follow along closely!

Steps to Upgrade the Forge – Valheim: The first step is to find a large area with trees and rocks. You can use your axe or pickaxe on any of these objects until they are destroyed, as long as they are not in an area where other players may see you doing so. After that, just collect all of the wood and rocks that you’ve destroyed, as you’ll need them for the next step.

The second step is to create a small campfire near the forge. To do this, just place a few pieces of wood on the ground and light them with your torch. Once the fire is burning, place the rocks around it so they form a circle. This will create an area where you can light your campfire and it will stay lit for as long as there are rocks around to keep the heat from escaping into the air (you’ll need about one piece of rock per square foot).

The third step is to upgrade your forge level by collecting more resources. Go back outside and kill some animals for their meat, then use the forge to smelt them into iron ingots. Now go back inside and upgrade your crafting table with wood from trees you’ve chopped down or rocks that you’ve mined up (remember not to waste any).

Building a Forge

Building a Forge is a key part of any successful Valheim settlement. The forge allows you to upgrade your weapons and armor, making your troops more powerful and able to withstand the dangers that await them in this harsh land.

Upgrading your forge is simple – just gather the required materials and use them to craft an Upgrade Kit at the forge. There are three levels of forge upgrade, each with its own benefits:

  • Level I – The basic forge allows you to craft level I weapons and armor.
  • Level II – The intermediate forge allows you to craft level II weapons and armor.
  • Level III – The advanced forge allows you to craft level III weapons and armor.

The benefits of upgrading your forge are as follows:

  • Level I – +15% weapon and armor damage.
  • Level II – +30% weapon and armor damage.
  • Level III – +45% weapon and armor damage.

In addition, the advanced forge also allows you to craft elite weapons and armor, which are more powerful than their normal counterparts.

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Upgrading the Forge

Upgrading the Forge in Valheim is necessary to unlock more crafting recipes and craft better weapons. However, it’s not at all obvious how you do it. In this guide, I’ll show you the steps required to level up/upgrade the Forge (Forge upgrade) in Valheim.

The level of the forge is automatically increased by 1 for each upgrade. There is no such thing as an ideal upgrade over another. The level of the forge can only be increased through obtaining and installing one or more unique upgrade items. The level of the forge is not increased by having several amounts of the same improvement. Below, I’ve compiled a list of all possible improvements for the forge, as well as all necessary materials!


Materials required:

  • 5 Wood
  • 2 Bronze
  • Workbench Range

The anvil is one of the first items that may be created in the forge. The player will be able to make this upgrade after gathering a little amount of bronze from the black forest, thanks to its simple construction recipe.

Finding metal in Valheim is relatively easy. There are a few different ways to go about it. The first way is by mining nodes. Mining nodes can be found all over the world and give you a small amount of metal when mined. The second way to get metal is from enemies. Enemies will often drop small amounts of metal when killed. The third way to get metal is from chests. Chests often have a small amount of metal when searched.

Forge Cooler

Materials Required:

  • 25 Fine Wood
  • 10 Copper Wood
  • Workbench Range

The Forge Cooler is the next upgrade for the forge. This isn’t really that complicated. By cutting down some certain trees in the game the player can find fine wood and combine that with copper bars to make this upgrade. It looks like a tiny barrel with nothing in it. It’s intended to appear like a little barrel used to chill weapons after they’re made.

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In order to level up/upgrade your forge in Valheim, you will need copper ore. Copper ore can be mined from copper veins located throughout the world. The best way to find these veins is by using a miner’s tool and following the indicated vein on your mini-map. Once you have collected a few pieces of copper ore, you will need to smelt them into copper bars at the forge.

There are a few ways to get Fine Wood in Valheim. You can either gather it from trees, or purchase it from other players.

To gather wood from trees, you will need an Axe. To chop down a tree, simply approach it and press the action button (default is E). Once the tree is chopped down, you will be able to collect Wood by pressing the interact button (default is F) on the tree stump.

You can also purchase Fine Wood from other players using the Haggling Table. You will need to have a relatively large stockpile of Silver to purchase Fine Wood, so it may be best to gather it yourself.

Forge Tool rack


  • 10 Wood
  • 15 Iron
  • Workbench Range

The forge tool rack contains a selection of tools that may be utilized when forging. This is purely aesthetic and not to be confused with the forge’s other upgrades, which are all functional. This is the only improvement that has been placed on the wall for now in order to be installed. It doesn’t require a lot of area to be set up, and it can even be placed over the forge without disrupting it.

The best way to get Iron in Valheim is by smelting Copper. You will need a Furnace and an Anvil to do this. Place the Copper ore and Coal on the Furnace, light it with a Torch, and wait for the furnace to heat up. Once it’s hot, use an Iron Ingot on the Anvil to create two Iron Ore.

Smith’s Anvil


  • 5 Wood
  • 20 Iron
  • Workbench Range

The Smith’s anvil is another forge improvement that may be unlocked by smelting iron along the tool rack. This is a larger version of the anvils item, and it’s similar to them. There isn’t any practical purpose for this other than upgrading the forge to a new star level, which is similar to the preceding anvils object.

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Grinding Wheel


  • 25 Wood
  • 1 Sharpening Stone
  • Workbench Range

The grinding wheel is the next forge improvement. This one is a little hidden since it necessitates the construction of a non-obvious item. The player may utilize the Stonecutter to access a crafting menu comparable to that of the forge or workbench once they’ve built it. The player may also get a Sharpening Stone by gathering stones. Once they have one, the player can use it to create a Sharpening Stone. The grinding wheel forge upgrade crafting recipe will be unlocked after this stage.

Forge Bellows


  • 5 Wood
  • 5 Deer Hide
  • 4 Chain
  • Workbench Range

The last upgrade option is the forge bellows upgrade. These huge bellows are generally utilized to inflate a forge’s fire so that the coals burn more strongly. The Upgrade cannot be placed too near to or far from the forge. Because the forge bellows require a lot of room, make sure you have planned your forge area appropriately so that this major upgrade may be placed where it can be seen.

The majority of the goods are simple to obtain. Chain is the most difficult material on the list. You may get chains by looting the underwater tombs in the swamp or by fighting Wraith creatures that only appear at night. It’s a bit of a toss-up either way.

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The Smith’s Anvil, Grinding Wheel, and Forge Bellows are all upgrades that can be unlocked by smelting different items. Make sure you have the correct materials before starting the upgrade process – some of them can be a bit difficult to find.

The forge is a crucial part of any blacksmithing operation, and these upgrades will help you to create better quality items. Good luck!

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