How to Slide in Madden 21

How to Slide in Madden 21: A Complete Guide

The first and most important thing to note is that you can’t simply dive at the feet of a defender if you want to get them down. The best way to force a tackle in Madden NFL 21 is with the slide.

This technique will not only stop your momentum but send you sliding into your opponent’s feet. It also has the added benefit of getting rid of any pesky defenders who might be trying to block for their teammates by pushing them out of the way.

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Madden 21 Game

Madden NFL 21 is a video game that was published by EA Sports and developed by EA Tiburon. It’s the 25th installment of the Madden NFL series, which features an updated graphics engine and gameplay mechanics as well as improved artificial intelligence (A.I.) compared to previous installments. The cover athlete for this year’s edition is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The game will be released on August 26, 2015 in North America and Europe; however, those who pre-ordered it received it on August 20, 2015.

Madden NFL 21 has been very well received so far, with IGN giving it a score of 8 out of 10 and praising its “new animation system” but criticizing its lack of innovation from last year. As far as how to slide in madden 21 you can check out this article for a complete guide.

How to Slide in Madden 21 Game?

The typical way to slide in Madden 21 is to use a speed burst. This means that the player needs to tap the “X” button over and over again.

For this technique to work, the player’s slide tackling breaking sprints must be activated via one of two ways: either by pressing on the “LB” when near an opponent or when controlling a defender when there is less spacing between them and their goal line.

Once in close enough range, players will automatically activate a breakaway tackle upon tapping on LB.

If a player does not have either of these two methods activated then they will need to continue alternating taps with X up until they are next in contact with an opposing player.

During gameplay, the player will be alerted via a prompt if they are in close enough range and their breakaway tackling ability is activated. Players can also use this technique when backing away from approaching defenders as well, although it is typically more effective upfront rather than on defense.

The reason players are perplexed is that the command was formerly different. Players previously performed the same action by pressing both triggers and X, or R2, L2, and the square button.

However, if you press L2 or Left Trigger now instead of sliding in a crucial moment of your game, it will cause you to fumble. As a result, keep an eye on the command modification and execute it correctly.

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How do you slide with the QB in Madden 21?

You can use the Slide button while you are still in motion on the field.

  • The QB doesn’t have its own slide button. To Slide, simply release RT + A/X to go into a slide. To Tumble Roll, release R + X/A and then press it again as you’re going down for a longer roll.
  • If you Release RT+A to attempt a kick maneuver right before or during a slip or tumble, your QB will automatically go into that maneuver.
  • To fake out an opponent by going into a Tumble Roll as they try to center an attack on you, release R+X/A and immediately hit RB+Y/RT+B to taunt them! You’ll then drop back into a passing mode as if nothing happened.
  • If you’re on the run and press B/O, your QB will dive forward to gain yards. If you need more power behind your slide or just want to change things up, release RT+A/X while holding LT+Lstick for an even stronger Slide! You can also hold down R + X/A during a pass play at any time and choose between Slides and Tumble Rolls by tapping RB /RT .
  • Tapping A/X twice in quick succession is usually good enough for sliding but sometimes it takes three taps so don’t be afraid to go with the third tap if needed! This may take some practice though because timing must be precise.
  • If you want to head out of bounds as soon as possible, press Y/Triangle+LT/Lstick up for a high hurdle and then RT /A down immediately after it. This will make your player leap forward while facing the endzone so he can walk off safely!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What button is it to slide in Madden 21?

It’s a button on the controller in a normal football player stance.Some people call this slant or slanto, but if when you have the ball in your hand when you go to slide, it should automatically be assigned to that button.

How do you taunt in Madden 21?

To do a taunt in Madden 21, you need to either push the Pass button (or any directional movement) and then all of the buttons afterward for the taunts. For example, if your taunting left, you would press Pass, Left Stick forward + Pass + Pass + Pass. They are as follows:

  • Facial expressions
  • Spikes ball into the turf
  • Pumps fist once before turning his back on the defender
  • Pumps fist twice before turning his back on the defender
  • Takes one or two steps backward with high-op lace before falling backward onto the ground behind himself newest taunt was added this year by EA sports!


The game of football is constantly evolving. It’s not just the players that are getting faster, stronger, or tougher – it’s also the technology behind how they play.

The newest update to Madden 21 has introduced new features for QBs and Slides to make gameplay even more realistic than ever before. If you’re an avid fan of this video game franchise like us here at, then we know you’ll appreciate all these updates too.

To learn more about everything else EA Sports has changed in their latest release head on over to our blog now. We’ve got tons of content relating to sports betting tips as well as other gaming news so check out what interests you today.

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