How To Turn in Bounties in Kenshi

How To Turn in Bounties in Kenshi [2022] | Updated

Do you have a few bounties lying around that you don’t know how to turn in? This guide is here to help! We’ll go over where to find the bounty office, what you need to bring with you, and the process of turning in your bounties.

What you’ll need: A bounty with a reward attached to it. If the bounty doesn’t have a reward, then there’s no point in turning it in! The amount of money will depend on your level and the level of your opponent.

We recommend that you take at least one mission-related item (this may include an animal or plant) with you when going to turn in bounties so that they don’t get stolen while on a route.

You can also buy some from other people if necessary as well but just make sure they’re not too expensive or important to lose before doing so! Don’t forget about transportation costs either – these can rack up fast especially if traveling long distances between cities/towns etc.

The bounty office can be found in most major cities. If you’re not sure where it is, just ask around or check the map!

What to bring: In addition to your bounty, you’ll need to bring identification and the fee for turning in a bounty. This will usually be either gold or silver coins, so make sure you have enough on hand. Read More about How To Make Kibble In Rimworld?

The Process: Once you’ve arrived at the bounty office, head inside and speak with the clerk. They’ll take your ID and payment, then give you a receipt for your bounty. Congratulations – you’ve turned in a bounty! And now onto the next one.

Bounties in Kenshi

Bounties in Kenshi are a great way to earn money, especially for new players. After completing a bounty, you must take it to the quest giver that gave you the bounty in order to collect your reward.

Once inside the camp, find and talk with whoever issued the bounty mission. Once you speak with them about the dead body of whatever creature or person was required for this bounty (and carry their corpse on your back), they will pay up big time – hopefully!

If not, then maybe make sure that no other bandits or outlaws have stolen your earnings (while carrying around corpses is fun, it’s also easy work).

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Player Character Bounties

If you break the law within certain faction areas on the map, your own character can also get a bounty on their heads. This could result in you being wanted by the law, and it will be very difficult to travel around the world without being caught. You can avoid this by either paying the bounty or serving your time in prison.

These are a factor of the player’s notoriety. They can be checked by pressing F on the keyboard and then selecting the “Bounties” tab at the top left, or by opening up the inventory screen (I key) and looking for a bag icon with a number in it.

The default setting is that when bounty reaches 00000 0000, you will be attacked on sight by all factions based on their faction settings towards your character – if they don’t like you, they will attack you as soon as they see you near them.

If bounty reaches 100 000 000 level (that is one hundred million), guards start appearing to arrest you even inside your own base. This level of bounties comes from killing multiple important NPCs, like killing major faction leaders.

Bounties are tied to your character, so if you start a new game or load an old save, the bounties will be as they were in that previous game state. Note that not all factions can see each others’ bounties – for example Kenshi townsfolk do not see the Near bounty of their hero and vice versa.

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Unique Bounties

There are a few unusual bounties in Kenshi for big-name criminals that need to be captured. Keep your eyes open for wanted posters in public areas and businesses. You may inquire about bounties with the Police Chief at any of the United Cities’ police stations.

They may occasionally provide you with information regarding some high-profile targets. The capture of these people will reward you a large sum of money and boost your factions relationship with whomever you do the bounty for.

Capturing some key figures in Kenshi may alter the world. For example, capturing a town’s or faction’s leader will result in a new enemy emerging and damaging or conquering the settlement. Make careful about which side you pick.

It’s crucial to remember which faction a bounty is for once you’ve discovered a character with one. For example, Because a character has a bounty with the Shek Kingdom does not necessarily mean that they may be brought to justice at a Police Station in the United Cities’ town. Once you’ve established where the reward can be delivered, it’s time to pounce.

You may attempt to knock a character unconscious by creeping up on them. The likelihood of success is determined by your character’s assassination skill level and the target’s toughness degree. You can try to capture or kill the bounty.

When you’ve knocked out your opponent, one of your characters will come to their aid. You may accomplish this by right-clicking on an unconscious adversary and selecting one of your characters.

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How To Turn in A Bounty?

There are a few ways to turn in bounties in Kenshi. The easiest way is to find a bounty hunter and offer the bounty to them. They will usually take it and give you a receipt for the bounty. You can then take this receipt to the respective town’s mayor to claim your reward.

Another way to turn in bounties is to go to the respective town’s jail and talk to the sheriff. He will usually take the bounty and give you a receipt. As with the previous method, you can then take this receipt to the mayor to claim your reward.

In Kenshi, bounties can be turned in at the bounty board. The bounty board is located in the town square of each town. When you approach the bounty board, it will show all of the bounties that are currently available in the town.

To turn in a bounty, select the bounty from the list and click on “Turn In”. You will then be asked to provide proof of completion for the bounty. Proof of completion can be an item or items that are related to the bounty, such as a head for a decapitation bounty.

Once you have provided proof of completion, click on “Confirm” and your reward will be deposited into your inventory.

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If you’ve been playing Kenshi for a while and want to try something new, or if you’re just starting out in the game and looking to make some money fast, it is possible to turn in bounties.

A bounty can be any player character with a wanted level of 100 000 000 (one hundred million) on their head. The NPC characters will actively hunt down players who have this kind of bounty put on them, so it may require some stealth skills to take them out without being seen by other NPCs.

If your goal is capture instead of kill, then sneak up behind an unsuspecting target before trying one of your own characters as bait when they are knocked unconscious. Translation: You must first knock someone unconscious before attempting a capture.

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