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Is FIFA 21 Cross-Platform in 2022? (PC,PS4,PS5, xBox)

It is hard to predict the future, but there are some predictions that are easier than others. One prediction which seems likely to come true is that FIFA 21 will be cross-platform in 2022. This article discusses how this might happen and what it would mean for the game. It’s possible that EA might decide to release an updated version of FIFA 21 on other platforms but we don’t know for sure yet if they’ll make this decision or not. So, find your answer in this article.

Cross-platform gaming is a concept in the gaming industry in which players can play against each other in a game even if they’re on different platforms. Cross-platform gaming allows gamers with different hardware or operating systems to play with one another and it also helps to create cleaner, healthier communities in multiplayer games. The reason cross-platform gaming is so important is that it allows gamers to connect with each other regardless of their hardware or software and this helps to create a more inclusive gaming community.

When it comes to FIFA, the game has always been available on different platforms. In the past, there have been versions of FIFA which were released for PC, Playstation, Xbox, and even mobile devices. However, up until now, these versions have not been able to interact with one another. This means that if you were playing on your Playstation against someone who was playing on their PC, the two of you would be unable to play against each other. The only way you could compete against them would be if they were in the same room as you or if you were playing against them on an alternate platform.

The reason this is important to FIFA specifically is that it has a massive community of players and these cross-platform interactions will be able to help the game thrive even more than before.

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FIFA 21 Game Info

FIFA 21 is the new edition of Electronic Arts’ long-running football series. The game has been developed for Playstation, Xbox One and PC platforms with no mention yet of a Nintendo Switch version.

The gameplay in FIFA 21 is quite different from previous versions of the game because it focuses more on realism. Previous versions of FIFA have always been heavily arcade-style, but with this one, you’ll notice that things are a lot more realistic. This means that players will have to pay attention to stamina levels and even fight for the ball in the air more often since the ball’s physics have been changed.

This version also has a new skill move pro which is similar to that of NBA 2K16 which allows you to perform pro moves without having to use the turbo button.

Instead, when playing FIFA 21, your skills are limited by how long you can hold down the skill button before releasing it when performing tricks. So if you want to turn sharply, you’ll need to hold the button and then release it as you make your turn.

One of the more controversial changes in FIFA 21 is that EA has removed a number of features that have been in the game for many years. These include things such as “The Journey” story mode and also cooperative seasons. This means that players will no longer be able to play with their friends in order to try and win a trophy together.

EA has said that they’ve removed these modes because they want players to focus on playing online against other people instead. Whether or not this decision was wise remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt that it’ll anger quite a few fans of the game.

Is FIFA 21 Cross-Platform in 2022?

No, FIFA 21 Cross-Platform is not available in 2022. FIFA fans were disappointed when Electronic Arts announced that they would be removing features such as The Journey and cooperative seasons from the game.

The reason EA has made this decision for now is related to how much time it takes them to make each version of the game unique enough so that players are satisfied with buying new editions every year instead of sticking with older ones forever. For instance, many people have been playing Ultimate Team since 2013 but only recently stopped because they didn’t want to spend money on a new game when they could just keep playing the old one.

Reasons for FIFA 21 not available cross-platform-

  • The reason EA has made this decision for now is related to how much time it takes them to make each version of the game unique enough so that players are satisfied with buying new editions every year instead of sticking with older ones forever. If EA creates an identical experience on every platform for FIFA 21, then there’s no reason for a player who has a PS Vita and a PC with Windows XP or higher not to buy the game.
  • The reason is spending more time and resources into creating new features specifically designed for certain platforms as opposed to making one perfect product compatible across all devices.
  • Taking it a step further, cross-platform gaming may damage the game’s business model, like microtransactions and loot boxes.
  • It will take a significant amount of effort from the game designers to implement cross-platform gaming, implying that cross-platform gaming will require them to spend more time and resources.
  • Cross-platform gaming is also tough since consoles have varying amounts of power – which means that gamers will have different experiences.
  • Cross-platform gaming would also mean that some gamers have an advantage because to the platform they’re using.
  • Cross-platform gameplay may cause problems with matchmaking, since there are more people online.
  • Cross-platform gaming may also detract from the fun of playing with friends, as you will be challenged to play against individuals who are more skilled.

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Is FIFA 21 Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

No, FIFA 21 Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One is not available. The only way to play FIFA 21 on PC is to purchase it from EA, and the Xbox One can only be played if you have an active subscription to Xbox Live. If you’re playing on PC then you cannot play with one playing on Xbox One.

Is FIFA 21 Cross-Platform PC and PS4?

No, it is not. This implies that if you’re playing on PC and wish to play with your friend who is playing on PS4/PS5 then you cannot because it’s not available cross-platform for these consoles.

The main reason for the absence of a cross-platform feature between PC and PS4 is because there are differences in input devices and control. It makes it difficult for players to enjoy the game together if this were the case. The PC uses a keyboard and mouse, whereas the PS5 edition requires a controller. So, when it comes to aiming, PC players have an advantage; but at other times, there are advantages for PS5 gamers as well.

Is FIFA 21 Cross-Platform PC and Nintendo Switch?

No, it is not. Players on Nintendo Switch are unable to play with players who use PC consoles because the game requires both parties to be able run it in cross-platform compatibility mode if they wish for this feature to become available.

Different degrees of power is the reason why FIFA 21 isn’t available cross-platform between these two consoles.

Because the Nintendo Switch lacks the power of a PC, it will be limited in some ways. The control scheme for PC is also distinct from that of the Nintendo Switch (which uses joysticks). As a result, FIFA 21 is not cross-platform between PC and the Nintendo Switch.

Is FIFA 21 Cross-Platform PS4 and Xbox One?

No, FIFA 21 is not cross-platform game on PS4/PS5 and Xbox One. So, the players on these consoles will not be able to play together. Because of the different online gaming networks employed by PS4 and Xbox One, FIFA 21 is not cross-platform. Xbox Live is incompatible with the PlayStation Network, which is used by Microsoft for its Xbox One console.

Is FIFA 21 Cross-Platform Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S?

No, FIFA 21 is not cross-platform game on Xbox One and Microsoft’s all other consoles. So, the players on these will not be able to play together.Yes, you can move your FUT progress from one console to the next.

FIFA 21 is not cross-platform between Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S because the two are different generations of consoles, making it impossible for players to play together.

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Is FIFA 21 Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

No, unfortunately not! FIFA 21 will still be PS exclusive. The reason for this is that the game developers EA Sports are concerned about the stability of online multiplayer if they allowed other platforms to play with each other. But again you can transfer FUT progress from one console to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does cross-platform mean?

Cross-platform means that FIFA players on different platforms can play together. This would mean PlayStation, Xbox and PC gamers will all be able to have a good time with the newest version of FIFA without being segregated into their own little worlds where they are limited to just one platform or console.

2. What does cross-progression mean?

Cross-progression means that players can carry their progress and stats across different platforms. For example, if you start the game on PlayStation but decide to buy a Xbox later down the road, your stats won’t be erased or lost; they’ll simply transfer over from one device/console to another.

3. Is FIFA 21 cross-progression?

No, FIFA 21 is not cross-progression. FIFA 20 was the last installment of FIFA to offer cross-platform play and cross-progression. However, it appears that EA Sports has abandoned this feature in favor of developing games for specific platforms/consoles. However, FUT progression is possible in PS and Xbox series consoles.

4. Can two friends play FIFA 21 together?

Yes, two friends can play FIFA 21 together but only on the same console. This means that if you and a friend both own a PlayStation 4, then you’ll be able to play together. However, if one of you owns a PlayStation 4 and the other owns an Xbox One, then you will not be able to play together.


FIFA 21 is not cross-platform. It cannot be played on Nintendo Switch, PC Console or Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S because of the different degrees of power between these consoles and platforms. If you want to play FIFA with a friend who uses a different platform than your own, then they will have to buy their own copy if they wish for this game feature to become available. This means that PlayStation users must purchase PS4 (or any other console in the series), while Xbox owners need an Xbox One (and so on). The lack of cross-progression also makes it impossible for players from one generation console family to play together with those using another; meaning that someone playing FIFA 20 on Playstation 4 can’t connect with someone using an Xbox One. However, FUT progression is possible in PS and Xbox series consoles like this: you can transfer your progress from a console in one family (Xbox), out of that generation and into any others (PS).

However, some sources are speculating that the game will be cross-platform in 2022. Let us know what you think about this! Do you want to see FIFA on all platforms? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Post a comment below with any questions or comments you may have about our blog post topic today!

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