Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform in 2023? [Xbox, PC, PS4, PS5]

Gang Beasts is a party brawler that has been around for years. Gang Beasts is a unique, fun, and highly competitive racing game that has been around since the dawn of gaming. It originally debuted for PC in 2014 before coming to PlayStation 4 on December 12th, 2017, and Xbox One on March 27th, 2019. The game was created by British developer Boneloaf and released in 2017 on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Recently the developers announced that Gang Beasts would be coming to Nintendo Switch as well as other platforms such as Android and iOS devices. This announcement came with an interesting twist: “cross-platform play”. Cross-platform play means that gamers will be able to compete against each other even if they’re playing from different platforms like PC or consoles.

The problem is, though: can we play it on all of these platforms? “Can we play Gang Beasts on all of the platforms in 2023?” This blog article will examine this question and which platforms Gang Beasts is cross-platform on.

Gang Beasts Game:

Gang Beasts is a multiplayer video game developed and published by Boneloaf. It was released as an early access title for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux in 2014 followed by the full release of Playstation Vita on May 30th 2018. The player controls one or more characters who battle against each other while moving around platforms and different environments such as rooftops and train stations.

This includes punching and throwing other players to knock them down which can also be done with environmental objects including planks, barrels, bricks etc… Players will sometimes fall off the map only to respawn back into the action after a few seconds but if they don’t make it back before their character dies then that’s another life gone from your chosen number of lives (up to eight).

The goal of the game is to use your character’s combat abilities on other players in order to knock them out or incapacitate them, with their score decreasing as a result.

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Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform in 2023?

No, Gang Beasts isn’t a cross platform currently as there isn’t news from the game developers. The game is currently available on Playstation Vita, Steam for Windows and macOS as well as the Xbox One from Microsoft but support for more platforms such as Nintendo Switch has been requested by fans of the title across other social media sites including Facebook and Twitter to which no answer has been given so far.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform
Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform?

In the next update, according to the Gang Beasts developer, cross-platform functionality will be added. But there’s one more thing: Gang beast won’t make the move across all platforms. The PS4 players, for example, will be able to play with Steam players but not Nintendo Switch. “The PSN version will connect to the PC and Xbox Live versions.”

Benefits of Gang Beasts being cross-platform

  • Even if the player is playing on a different platform, they may play with their friends.
  • There may be people who are new to Gang Beasts but aren’t sure which system is best for them. They can determine which system works best for them by comparing cross-platforms since they will not have to buy a console after all.
  • Players from different platforms will be more competitive since they can compete against one another.
  • Also, with a larger number of players, there’s a greater chance that they’ll be playing together.
  • Because they won’t have to create separate versions for each operating system, the developer will be able to do so more quickly.
  • The developer will also benefit financially since they won’t need to purchase separate hardware for each platform.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

Unfortunately, Gang Beasts isn’t cross platform between PC and Xbox One. There will be a feature in the next update of Gang Beasts that will enable it to operate on both PC and Xbox One. This implies that if you’re playing on PC, you may play against Xbox One players. The developer has announced that a switch to the Nintendo Switch, Mac and Linux is coming but only PC gamers would be able to play against Xbox One players since both systems run on Windows OS.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform PC and PS4?

No, there aren’t yet any cross-platform solutions for PC and PS4 versions of Gang Beasts. It’s not possible to play against PSN (Playstation Network) players. The only way cross-platform is between PC and Xbox One but it will be on the next update, but not for PS4.

This is due to the fact that Sony does not allow gamers from different platforms to compete against one another on their PSN service (for Gang Beasts). There is no cross-play support with PlayStation 5 owners, meaning that you cannot play against them on PC.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform Xbox One and PS4?

No, Gang Beasts will not be Cross-Platform PS4 and Xbox One. Although Gang Beast’s developer has expressed interest in adding cross-platform play for the game, Sony is currently unwilling to allow it.

This lack of support from a major platform holder like Sony will likely prevent Gang Beasts from supporting multiplayer between PlayStation Network users and Xbox Live users, even though the developers have expressed interest in this feature.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform in Xbox Series X/S & Xbox One?

No, Gang Beasts are not available cross-platform on Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S. This implies that you will not be able to play against other members of the same console family. As of now, this is not available. However, in the next update, Gang Beasts will include a cross-platform function that will allow players from multiple platforms to compete against each other. It also implies that Xbox One and Xbox X/S players can compete against each other across platforms.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

No, Gang Beasts are not available cross-platform between PS4 and PS5. This implies that if you’re a PS4 player and your friend is a PS5 player, you won’t be able to play together.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some of the best beat ’em up party games?

Beat ’em up party games are video games centered on hand-to-hand combat. They’re usually played with friends in the same room, although they can also be played online. The goal is typically for the player’s team to destroy all opponents, but it may also be completing particular objectives such as protecting an NPC while other team members defend them from assailants.

Why do gamers demand cross-platform?

Gamers demand cross-platform so they can play with friends who own different consoles. Gamers no longer want to be forced into purchasing a console in order to enjoy multiplayer gaming and would rather have the ability to choose one that best suits their needs.

What are the advantages of cross-platform?

When you have a single codebase, the cost of production goes down. A developer can write their game once and release it on multiple platforms with very little extra effort. It would also allow people with a Steam account to play online against people who own the game on another platform. Players can be on the same side, regardless of the platform.

Final Words

In conclusion, the next update of Gang Beasts on PC will allow players from different platforms to compete against each other. This implies that PSN and Xbox Live gamers can battle it out cross-platform which is a big deal for competitive gamers since they want as many people as possible in order to win more often.

If you’re looking for an online multiplayer experience with friends across multiple consoles, then this may be one of your best options right now. Furthermore, there are no plans to bring Gang Beasts to PlayStation or Nintendo Switch at the moment.

If you have any ideas or queries, please feel free to leave them below! We’ll do our best in replying back! Thanks for reading!

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