Legends Never Die Roblox ID Codes [2023] | Updated Codes

Roblox is a 3D online gaming platform that you can use to create your own world. You can also play with other people in the game.

The more creative and interesting the virtual worlds are, the better chance you have at winning against others who share similar interests as you – which makes for an exciting experience not only played but created online as well.

If you’re a fan of “Against The Current,” this article is for you. The Legends Never Die song has an in-game ID code, which allows players to hear and play their favorite Pentakill song. We’ll go through how to utilize these codes as well as different versions of the Legends Never Die Roblox ID codes in this post.

Listening to the song “Legends Never Die” by Against The Current and Pentakill will have you wanting to play games all day, every day. This is ideal for when you’re between levels on your computer or console!

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What is the Legends Never Die Roblox ID Code?

Roblox is a 3D online gaming platform with more than 50 million users worldwide. You can create your own avatar and play games for free while listening to your favorite artists’ songs! Roblox has several different game genres, including role-playing, racing, fighting, and puzzle. So, if you’re looking for something different than just another fantasy game where you can become a hero, then Roblox is the place to go.

Legends Never Die” is a song by the American pop-rock band Against The Current and Pentakill. It was released on September 24, 2017, as an exclusive for this year’s League of Legends World Championships. It was written and produced by Alex Seaver and Justin Tranter, with vocals provided by Jacob Ellenshaw. It also featured lyrics from lead singer Jacob Ellenshaw, who collaborated on it with writers Alex Seaver and Justin Tranter.

The official music video was released on Riot Games’ YouTube channel on October 18, 2017. The song’s release came after months of anticipation and excitement among League fans, who had leaked it in September. This Roblox ID code will allow you to listen to your favorite Legends Never Die track while playing Roblox games.

Legends Never Die Roblox ID Codes List [2023]

Playing Roblox while listening to Legends Never Die by Against The Current and Pentakill is a sensation that will not only increase your energy levels but make the game more thrilling. This song is ideal for all players, no matter what level they are!

“Legends Never Die” in Roblox will make your game more enjoyable. This inspiring and energizing song has been found to offer a significant performance boost, making it easier to play at any time of day or night, even if you only have 10 minutes before bedtime.

We have listed all Legends Never Die Roblox ID codes below:

Songs with Version NamesRoblox ID Codes
Legends Never Die Roblox Song ID1668634431
Legends Never Die [FULL] feat, Against the Current1050582432
Legends Never Die – AW Remix1162008554
Legends Never Die – Nightcore1108902241

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How to Use Legends Never Die Roblox Song ID?

I can’t help but sing along to the catchy lines in this song. It’s not just because of how great it sounds or that I get a thrill out of playing Roblox games while listening; there’s something so powerful about singing your heart out with words like “Legends Never Die.”

Do you want to listen to your Roblox game while it’s playing? You’ll need a Legends Never Die Roblox ID code or two. Follow these steps to discover how to use them:

  1. To play music on a boombox, first open the Roblox game that allows you to do so.
  2. Then go into your Boombox window and listen to Legends Never Die.
  3. After this, grab any of our Legends Never Die Roblox ID codes from the list above and copy it.
  4. Now you can enjoy your favorite song version while having fun.

Why do Robloxians Use Legends Never Die Roblox Music ID Code?

When playing games on Roblox, you can’t help but sing along to this irresistible little ditty. It’s concise and simple, suitable for players of all ages. The lyrics are short, making it easy to recall, while the catchy melody stays in your head after just one listen.

The Legends Never Die song is ideal for any Roblox game that utilizes a boombox, and it will not pose any problems getting it into your favorite tune. The free Legends Never Die Roblox ID code can be obtained through our website, so there’s no need to be concerned about compatibility when experimenting with new music on ROBLOX.

The song is so catchy and fast-paced that it will keep your attention focused. You’ll be able to concentrate even more on the game because you’re in such a pleasing mood. This song will provide you with an exciting and entertaining experience while playing any sort of game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Legends never die a good song?

The best Roblox song with an ID code is Legends Never Die by Against The Current and Pentakill. It’s an upbeat and inspiring song that will make your Roblox gaming experience more enjoyable. It was composed by members of Pentakill, a heavy metal band inside the massively popular online multiplayer game League of Legends. The song also has lyrics from lead singer Jacob Ellenshaw.

Can I listen to Legends Never Die when not playing Roblox?

Yes, you can listen to the music of this song in any way that you want, even if you are not playing Roblox!

How do I turn up the volume on this song?

To bring up the volume, you can tap or click on any volume bar in Roblox. The higher it means the louder your music will get! If you want to hear more of Legends Never die, don’t be afraid to turn it up!

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How long is the version of legends never die?

The song has a total duration of 00:02:28, which includes variations on the main theme. There are a total of three different versions, including a background instrumental and a music video.

How does Legends Never Die Roblox song work?

This wonderful song will play when you enter in any game that has an open boombox. Be sure to grab one of our special Legends Never Die ID codes below so that your favorite version of the song can be played. The Roblox music code will also work perfectly on mobile devices, including Apple and Android phones.

How do I get Legends Never Die?

Submit your Roblox username, click on the “Generate” button, and then you’re done! There are no other requirements or texts to enter, simply copy and paste this code into any game that has a boombox.

Does Legends Never Die ever stop playing?

We have provided you with three Legends Never Die music codes so that you will never have to stop listening. With all of these songs, you’ll be able to continue having fun inside the game without ever worrying about it stopping! There’s no limit on how many times the song repeats, so just enjoy your gaming experience.

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How long does it take to receive a refund or an item on Roblox after purchase?

If the purchase is canceled before the seller ships it, you’ll receive a refund for the purchase amount and any shipping fees at your original rate of a currency as soon as Roblox processes your cancellation. If the seller has already shipped the item by then, keep in mind that it’ll take some time to arrive and any return guidelines from our Returns Policy will also apply.

If you’re initiating a chargeback with your bank or payment provider, we recommend contacting them about this process first so you can avoid accidentally creating a dispute on Roblox.com! They may be able to provide you with more information that could speed up this process and minimize transaction fees.


Playing Legends Never Die while playing Roblox is a good way to add some excitement to your game. This will help you stay focused and engaged, even if it’s just solo since the lyrics are fantastic for any mood. The Legends Never Die Roblox ID codes are an excellent method to get out there and explore or compete against other players in murder mysteries or other games. We’ve got your back!

That brings us to the end of our blog post. We hope you found it informative and that you will share it with your friends. If you have any comments or suggestions please comment down below. And be sure to check out our other posts for more information on Roblox music codes, game cheats, and tips and tricks.

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