Naruto Blazing Tier List

Naruto Blazing Tier List | Top Characters List [Sep 2022]

If you’re a fan of the Naruto anime or manga, you’ll definitely want to check out Naruto Blazing. It’s a mobile game based on the popular series, and it’s a lot of fun. Naruto Blazing is a mobile game that has taken the world by storm. With its unique characters and vivid graphics, it’s no surprise that so many people have fallen in love with it. While some may find the game easy to play, others may be struggling to progress.

Naruto Blazing is a mobile game based on popular anime and manga series. The game has proven to be very popular, with many players trying to climb the ranks. However, there are some who believe that some characters are better than others. In this blog post, we will be discussing my personal Naruto Blazing tier list.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing Game

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment for iOS and Android devices. It was first released in Japan on August 25, 2016, and is based on the Naruto anime series.

The game allows the player to create a team of three characters from a roster of over 100 characters, including heroes and villains from the Naruto anime series. The objective of the game is to battle through waves of enemies, using ninjutsu and other abilities to defeat them. Characters can be upgraded by using items obtained from battles.

The game was launched on the App Store and Google Play in 2016. As seen in the popular anime series, the game is a tactical turn-based RPG set in Naruto’s world. The goal of the game is to fight through a series of enemies with your team of picked ninjas. The gameplay is influenced by your characters’ strategic movement across a grid-based battlefield in order to exploit the enemy’s flaws and win.

The game’s development takes the form of “awakening” and “limit breaking,” which allow players to grow more powerful and defeat more difficult rivals. Online multiplayer modes, such as Ninja World Clash (PvP), are also available. Players can compete against each other to reach the top of the leaderboard in this game’s online multiplayer modes.

Naruto Blazing Tier List [2022]

A tier list is a list that ranks things or people in terms of their quality or strength. It’s a tool utilized by gamers to help them choose which characters to bring to their parties. The Naruto Blazing is a game with a lot of mercenaries to select from.

The most important advantage of adhering to this Naruto Blazing tier list is that it will provide you a solid foundation on which to build your rank. There are several benefits to following this Naruto Blazing tier list, including

  • A tier list can help you choose which character to bring to your party.
  • It can also help you figure out which characters are the strongest and weakest.
  • This information can be very helpful in progressing through the game.

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Naruto Blazing S Tier List [2022]

The Naruto Blazing S Tier List includes characters who should be used since they will assist you in meeting your objectives and finishing tasks successfully. These ninjas are the cream of the crop, which implies they have an enormous edge over their competitors on this list. These folks are amazing. They can handle almost every scenario and win. These are the greatest ninjas for your personal collection if you’re seeking them.

Naruto Blazing Characters ListHP
Killer Bee (Awakened) / Let’s “Bee” Friends1190
Killer Bee / “Let’s “Bee” Friends1400
Sasuke Uchiha / Lightning Storm Genius1626
Hinata Hyuga / Sunflower’s Admiration1738
Minato Namikaze / Natural Talent1004
Hiruzen Sarutobi / Looking into the Future1206
Naruto Uzumaki / Pervading Feelings1846
Izuna Uchiha / Intelligent Blade1390
Naruto Uzumaki / Beyond Rasen1352
Kakashi Hatake / Inspiring Oath1354
Sasori / Eternal Creation2168
Deidara / Creation of Light2014
Gaara / Proclaimed Faith1106
Sai / Drawings Unleashed1562
Sasuke Uchiha (Awakened) / Buried Past1194
Hashirama Senju (Awakened) / Pursuit of a Dream1768
Hashirama Senju / Pursuit of a Dream1856
Sasuke Uchiha / Buried Past1460
Naruto Uzumaki (Awakened) / The Future We Want1468
Naruto Uzumaki / The Future We Want1754
Rin Nohara / All-Loving Gaze1333
Asuma Sarutobi (Awakened) / Final Words1408
Asuma Sarutobi / Final Words1648
Konan / Two Hopes1286
Shikamaru Nara / New Resolve1762
Pain (Tendo) / Visage of Justice2588
Minato Namikaze / Unfading Courage1642
Hamura Otsutsuki / Ancestral Lineage1034
Obito Uchiha (Awakened) / Hollow Heart1553
Obito Uchiha / Hollow Heart1836
Pain (Ningendo) / Soul Touching Palm1602
Sasuke Uchiha / End of Hatred1458
Shisui Uchiha / Eyes Inviting Illusion1088
Might Guy (Awakened) / Passionate Fist1588
Might Guy / Passionate Fist1854
Madara Uchiha / The Eyes that Shook Heaven and Earth1230
Anko Mitarashi / A Smile That Could Kill982
Minato Namikaze / The Silent Hero1456
Kakashi Hatake / The Wound Inside1160
Hagoromo Otsutsuki / Sage of the Six Paths1366
Sasori (Awakened) / The Ultimate Puppet1856
Darui / Seal of Lightning1090
Minato Namikaze (Awakened) / Dazzling Bravery1460
Minato Namikaze / Dazzling Bravery1750
Sasori / The Ultimate Puppet1846
Kimimaro / Dance of Death1078
Madara Uchiha / Endless Moonlight1552
Sasuke Uchiha / Violet Flame Hunter1254
Jinpachi Munashi / Volatile Explosive Blade1056
Utakata / Floating Bubble1218
Jiraiya (Awakened) / Hidden Heart1226
Jiraiya / Hidden Heart1408
Masked Man / Mad Dreamer1542
Mangetsu Hozuki / Wielder of the Seven Swords1268
Chojuro / Slashing Twinsword1002
Torune Aburame / Lurking Poison1352
Jugo / All-Consuming Fury1384
Hinata Hyuga / Path to the Ideal1246
Pain (Shurado) / Vessel of Madness1134
Kimimaro (Awakened) / Dance of Death966
Izuna Uchiha / Eyes Firm in Faith896
Han / Sprint Barrage1122
Zabuza Momochi (Awakened) / Demonic Presence1058
Zabuza Momochi / Demonic Presence1124
Kurotsuchi / The Fence-Sitter’s Granddaughter1244
Kushina Uzumaki / Vermillion Prayer1324
Kabuto Yakushi / Warrior’s Quest1414
Sakura Haruno / Sheer Diligence2140
Hinata Hyuga / Unwavering Courage1728
Hinata Hyuga / Unwavering Courage [Awakened]1588
Rock Lee / Fighting Spirit Overflowing842
Yamato / Figure of Serenity1296
Sasuke Uchiha / A Break from the Waves1062
Gengetsu Hozuki / Mists Over the Darkness1042 (1392)
Kisame Hoshigaki / Swordsman of the Raging Waves1296
Hanzo / Steadfast Veteran1168 (1537)
Jiraiya / Chance Encounter Under Fire1318
Rasa / Family Values1098
Sasuke Uchiha / Seal of Shadow1708
Kakashi Hatake / Severing Lightning1094
Hashirama Senju / Bravery Unrivalled1806
Sasuke Uchiha / Thunder of Revenge1346
Obito Uchiha / Faraway Dream1100
Kabuto Yakushi / Craving for Wisdom1076
Itachi Uchiha / Proof of Will1416
Naruto Uzumaki / Two Suns1354
Konan / A Bridge to Help1106
Tsunade / The Will of Blooming Flames816
Sasori / Unchanging Embodiment1018
Sasuke Uchiha / Darkness of Deep Hatred1156
Terumi Mei / The Mist That Melts All1284
Pain / Tendo (Hammer of Pain)1082
Deidara / True Arts828
Chiyo Baa / Joint Puppet Performance1132
Jiraiya / Way of The Ninja1252
Kakuzu / Life Reavers1004
Naruto Uzumaki / Bewitching Transformation1286
Tobi / Evil Eyes Beyond the Mask1046
Utakata / Fleeting Tranquility1366
Sakon / Monstrous Ninja764 (959)
Jirobo / Herculean Big Eater910 (1135)
Ino Yamanaka / I Don’t Want to Lose815 (1032)
Kankuro / Orchestrator of Tragedy818
Temari / Sand Hurricane712
Kidomaru / Kidomaru of the East Gate710
Tayuya / Tayuya of the North Gate749
Karin / Acute Perception1402
Sasuke Uchiha / Avenger1006
Gengo / Master of Silence1024
Rin Nohara / Loving Gift902
Soku / Stubborn Will836
Naruto Uzumaki / Power of the Fourth Tail568 (848)
Hinata Hyuga / Graceful Attire1506
Tenten / Valiant Warrior1184 (1804)
Tayuya / A Bewitching Flute932
Minato Namikaze / Yellow Flash of the Leaf924
Sai / Mask-like Smile1124
Kidomaru / A Cruel Game1200
Itachi Uchiha / Beyond the Sharingan1108 (1578)
Hiruzen Sarutobi / The Third Hokage746 (980)
Sakura Haruno / Hardened Resolve856 (1279)
Tenten / Ninja Tool Specialist762 (1002)
Shikamaru Nara / Lazy Guy781 (1036)
Sakura Haruno / Maiden in Love828 (1083)
Orochimaru / The Horror Returns769 (1059)
Shino Aburame / Cold Beetle User735 (969)
Gaara / Sand Defense931 (1590)
Sasuke Uchiha / Battling with your eyes1952

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Naruto Blazing A Tier List [2022]

The Naruto Blazing A-tier list includes characters that are extremely powerful and can be used to finish objectives quickly. You don’t need them, but they will make your life easier while playing the game. If you have these ninjas on your side, you should do well in most fight situations.

Naruto Blazing Characters ListHP
Izuna Uchiha / Mercilessly Uncompromising1914
Sakumo Hatake / Between Duty and Comrades1846
Neji Hyuaga (Awakened) / Freedom of Choice1820
Neji Hyuga / Freedom of Choice2008
Yamato (Guruguru) / Unmalicious Murderous Intent1392
Zabuza Momochi / Unbounded Dread1432
Orochimaru (Blazing Awakened) / Endless Rebirth1588
Madara Uchiha / An Imposing Air2042
Sasuke Uchiha (Awakened) / All-Ending Thunderbolt1778
Sasuke Uchiha / All-Ending Thunderbolt2048
Karin / With the Noble Taka1524
Kakuzu / Powerhouse of Old1538
Fugaku Uchiha / Prosperity and Faith1634
Orochimaru / Endless Rebirth1512
Kimimaro / Dance of Carnage1742
Killer Bee / Rumbling Strong Arm1862
Killer Bee (Awakened) / Rumbling Strong Arm1324
Naruto Uzumaki (Awakened) / Taboo-Breaking Frustration1022
Rock Lee / The Path of Trust1400
Itachi Uchiha / The Way of the Hero1612
Nagato / Hope for Peace1602
Naruto Uzumaki (Awakened) / Blind Rage1344
Naruto Uzumaki / Blind Rage1304
Omoi / Intense Conviction1628
Sakura Haruno (Awakened) / Stunning Spring Breeze1662
Sakura Haruno / Stunning Spring Breeze2256
Indra / Unparalleled Genius1970
Ao / An Eye of Mist1468
Tobirama Senju (Awakened) / Judicious Master1738
Tobirama Senju / Judicious Master1991
Tayuya / Elegy1232
Kotetsu Hagane / Tempered Strength1678
Shikamaru Nara / Surpassing the Master2064
Izumo Kamizuki / Certainly Capable1406
Ashura / Successor1406
Rin Nohara / Harboring Calamity1726
Naruto Uzumaki / Taboo-Breaking Frustration1314
Sakura Haruno / Rich Aroma1822
Sasuke Uchiha / A New Ideal1456
Madara Uchiha / Out of the Darkness1270
Kakashi Hatake / Iron Resolve1876
Deidara / Glimmering Art1466
Shizune / Benevolent Heart1562
Ino Yamanaka / Hagi in Full Bloom1704
Madara Uchiha / Power of Life or Death2010
Pain (Jigokudo) / The Judge of Truth1622
Obito Uchiha (Awakened) / Into Total Darkness1454
Obito Uchiha / Into Total Darkness1786
Naruto Uzumaki (Awakened) / The Inheritor1678
Naruto Uzumaki / The Inheritor1906
Obito Uchiha / The Final Destination1820
Kakashi Hatake / Friend’s Way of Life2214
Naruto Uzumaki / Name and Soul1304
Deidara (Awakened) / Pursued Aesthetic1168
Deidara / Pursued Aesthetic1356
Sasori / Everlasting Being882
Temari / Wind-Wrapped Talent1310
Minato Namikaze / Swift Flash1886
Suigetsu Hozuki / Liquid Cruelty1456
Shikamaru Nara (Awakened) / Crucial Decision1220
Shikamaru Nara / Crucial Decision1596
Yagura / Child of the Blood Mist2048
Choji Akimichi / Quickening Wings1418
Kakashi Hatake / Silent Sorcery1054
Jinin Akebino / Crushing Bluntsword1082
Shisui Uchiha / Guiding Light1590
Shisui Uchiha (Awakened) / Guiding Light1298
Sasuke Uchiha / S Road to Atonement1468
Chino / Ill-Omened Red Eyes1540
Ino Yamanaka / Promise Upheld1740
Ino Yamanaka / Promise Upheld2114
Roshi / Magma Veteran1574
Ino Yamanaka / Bittersweet Gift1334
Shino Aburame / Raging Passion1298
Minato Namikaze / Flash of the Battlefield1550
Tsunade / Unbreakable Tree-Flower1348
Neji Hyuga / Burden of Fate1248
Neji Hyuga / Burden of Fate [Awakened]1154
Naruto Uzumaki / Shining Seafoam1236
Mifune / Self-Respect1104
Obito Uchiha / Drawn to Life2222
Fourth Raikage: Ay / Solid Lightning1584
Killer Bee / Engraved Words1188
Sasuke Uchiha / Parting Wings1566
Sakura Haruno / Dancing Cherry Blossoms906
Obito / The World We Seek1508
Kankuro / Pride In His Work1334
Deidara / Explosive Fury1168
Madara Uchiha / Eyes of the Moon1320 (1730)
Naruto Uzumaki / Seal of Light1660
Naruto Uzumaki / Indomitable Ninja Way1194
Zabuza Momochi / The Measure of a Demon1682
Fuu / Wild and Free1170
Tobirama Senju / Enlightened Brilliance1744
Sakura Haruno / Standing Equal1746 (2376)
Asuma Sarutobi / Master’s Teachings1182
Hashirama Senju / S-Held Dream1810
Hashirama Senju / S-Held Dream [Awakened]1438
Indra / Lone War God1124
Kakashi Hatake / Entrusted With Hope1624
Itachi Uchiha / Silent Night Visitor1280
Sai / Ink Drawn from the Heart1926
Mu / Ingenuity Reborn1034
Darui / Words of Conviction1456
Zetsu / Black and White Lurking in the Earth1618
Danzo / Root of the Great Tree1240 (1604)
Ohnoki / Between a Rock and a Hard Place1618
Karin / Thousand-Mile Perception1506
Konan / A God’s Messenger1284 (1714)
Kurenai Yuhi / Illusionary Expert838 (1084)
Itachi Uchiha / Limits of his Ability642 (894)
Tayuya / Aggressive Strategist796 (1111)
Hiruzen Sarutobi / Ninja Clothes1212 (1782)
Hinata Hyuga / Day of Happiness1114
Madara Uchiha / The Vilest Name1798
Kisame Hoshigaki / Ruler of the Torrent1466 (1936)
Might Guy / Exploding Fists1126 (1598)
Jugo / Scales of Ruin and Peace1188
Itachi Uchiha / Shura’s Truth1206 (1562)
Rou / Melting Presence1198
Shikamaru Nara / Beyond Silence1646
Gaara / Guardian of the Sand1596
Kimimaro / The Strongest Spear1264
Tsunade / Gorgeous Attire1262
Orochimaru / Corrupt Rebirth1520 (2000)
Gaara / The Strongest Shield1320
Nagato / Proclaimed Ideals1358
Naruto Uzumaki / Child of Prophecy1474 (1922)
Iruka Umino / Teachings of Fire1252
Hanzo / Hero of Purple Poison1342
Shisui Uchiha / Entrusted Wish1406
Kakashi Hatake / The Best Teacher925 (1299)
Obito Uchiha / To Protect His Allies1358
Sasuke Uchiha / Soul Shrouded in Sorrow1052 (1602)
Hinata Hyuga / Blossoming Talent1604 (2184)
Sakura Haruno / Unrelenting Commitment1254 (1804)
Naruto Uzumaki / Blowing Gate1008
Kiba Inuzuka / Two Headed Fangs1136 (1370)
Kushina Uzumaki / The Red-Hot Habanero1192
Deidara / Ephmeral Art1186 (1756)
Gaara / The Sand’s Final Weapon1148 (1818)
Hayate Gekko / Crystal Clear Mind982
Sasuke Uchiha / Chidori: A New Skill1324 (1964)
Zabuza Momochi / The Demon Returns783 (1098)
Haku / The Icy Mask’s Blades880 (1195)
Kabuto Yakushi / Amazing Regenration1120
Haku / All for his Loved Ones888 (1170)
Kisame Hoshigaki / Monster of the Mist1036 (1324)
Kimimaro / Kimimaro of the Earth855 (1138)
Kabuto Yakushi / The Sound’s Spy995 (1301)
Naruto Uzumaki / The Worst Loser856
Kakashi Hatake / Hidden Left Eye1154 (1890)
Jirobo / Jirobo of the South Gate1050 (1356)
Jiraiya / Enter the Sage919 (1226)
Kiba Inuzuka / Wild Partners884 (1214)
Naruto Uzumaki / No.1 Maverick1226 (2087)
Itachi Uchiha / A Cold-Hearted Criminal936 (1221)
Ino Yamanaka / Truly Wise1011 (1326)
Naruto Uzumaki / Mastered Rasengan1154 (1944)
Zabuza Momochi / Silence of Madness1136 (1872)
Haku / Frozen Heart1428 (2176)
Kakashi Hatake / Copier of 1k Techniques1224 (2085)
Might Guy / Carrying Out the Oath1040

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Naruto Blazing B Tier List [2022]

The Naruto Blazing B tier list includes ninjas that are good for their class but not the best. They can be helpful when there isn’t anyone else of their type on your list, and they will get the job done most of the time. If you don’t have any other better alternatives, then these ninjas should do the trick.

Naruto Blazing Characters ListHP
Naruto Uzumaki (Awakened) / True Peace1670
Kaguya Otsutsuki (Awakened) / Plot for Rebirth2042
Kaguya Otsutsuki / Plot for Rebirth2228
Ino Yamanaka / Flourishing Bush Clover1654
Tsunade / Protector of the Great Tree2736
Tsunade / Risking Her Life1968
Roshi / Scorching Shroud1636
Kabuto Yakushi (Awakened) / Proof of Self1634
Naruto Uzumaki / True Peace2054
Temari / Surging Blustery Wind1566
Sakura Haruno / Cherry Blossoms on the Front Line1678
Jiraiya / A Tale Woven1844
Indra / Danger of the Almighty1922
Kabuto Yakushi / Proof of Self2010
Naruto Uzumaki / Gale of Vigor2120
Ashura / Devoted to Studies2500
Hayate Gekko / Composed Dexterity1632
Madara Uchiha (Awakened) / Solitary DeCation1638
Madara Uchiha / Solitary DeCation1824
Cee / Earnest with Composure1624
Madara Uchiha / Fortitude & Resolution1396
Pain (Tendo) / Dawn of Peace1810
Kushina Uzumaki / Fist of Hidden Embarrassment1666
Fuu / Bright and Cheerful1672
Gaara / Finally, Friendship2274
Obito Uchiha (Awakened) / Wrapped in Mysteries2034
Sasori / Puppet Mastery1694
Orochimaru / Aspirations of Indulgence1468
Hidan / Pure Bloodlust1666
Kisame (Awakened) / Body and Blade as One1850
Kisame Hoshigaki / Body and Blade as One2152
Obito Uchiha / Wrapped in Mysteries2244
Madara Uchiha (Awakened) / Fortitude & Resolution1334
Pakura / Scorching Red1504
Hinata Hyuga (Awakened) / Beyond the Ceaseless1912
Hinata Hyuga / Beyond the Ceaseless2100
Kakashi Hatake / Battle Tactician1424
Ashura / Devoted to Studies2270
Hanabi Hyuga / Daughter of the Byakugan2312
Mei Terumi / Enticing Charm1626
Gaara / Sandstorm-Commanding Kage1968
Sasuke Uchiha / One Step to Hokage1936
Sasuke Uchiha / To Eternal Loneliness2058
Might Duy / Something to Protect1484
Kurenai Yuhi / Welcome to the Illusion1362
Itachi Uchiha (Awakened) / Eyes That Spin the Truth1746
Itachi Uchiha / Eyes That Spin the Truth2028
Kurotsuchi / Young Philanthropist of the Stone1966
Juzo Biwa / Bloody Existence1446
Kakashi Hatake (Awakened) / Unshakeable Calm1896
Kakashi Hatake / Unshakeable Calm2108
Itachi Uchiha / Brotherly Pledge1880
Pain (Tendo) (Awakened) / War of Revolution2226
Pain (Tendo) / War of Revolution2106
Kakashi Hatake (Awakened) / The Bitterness of Fate1898
Kakashi Hatake / The Bitterness of Fate2044
Sasuke Uchiha (Awakened) / One Step to Hokage1614
Kaguya Otsutsuki (Awakened) / Between Love and Madness2063
Kaguya Otsutsuki / Between Love and Madness2276
Izuna Uchiha / Wishing for Peace1182
Hinata Hyuga / Tug of the Heart Strings1640
Itachi Uchiha / Truth Behind the Tragedy1548
Madara Uchiha / Falling Into Place1868
Tsunade (Awakened) / Daring Courage1428
Haku / Chilling Edge1874
Minato Namikaze / Flash of Dawn1780
Nagato / Reunion with Hope2504
Madara Uchiha / Path of Dreams [Awakened]1427
Madara Uchiha / Path of Dreams1528
Choji Akimichi / Fluttering Butterfly1708
Pain (Chikushodo) / Glimpse of the Divine1770
Yugito Ni’i / Unclouded Mind1638
Orochimaru (Awakened) / Winds of Chaos2002
Orochimaru / Winds of Chaos2254
Fuguki Suikazan / Darkness of the Blood Mist1716
Kaguya Otsutsuki / Divine Madness2566
Might Guy / Surging Blood1376
Naruto Uzumaki / Shining Warrior of Bonds1900
Tenten / Ninja Tool Maestro2042
Pain (Chikushodo) / Eyes of Judgement1448
Naruto Uzumaki / Proof of Ties That Bind2118
Tsunade / Daring Courage1590
Pain (Gakido) / Limitless Maelstrom1956
Kiba Inuzuka / Well-Honed Fangs1726
Choji Akimichi (Awakened) / Fluttering Butterfly1688
Konan / Wrapped in Sweetness2120
Kushimaru Kuriarare / Needle Blade1358
Haku (Awakened) / Chilling Edge1744
Ashura / Heir to the Ninja Creed1874
Tobirama Senju / Quiet Fighting Spirit1690
Kaguya Otsutsuki / Founding Goddess1408
Itachi Uchiha / Akatsuki Warrior1760
Sasuke Uchiha / Heartwarming Gift1990
Might Guy / Deep Crimson Youth708
Sakura Haruno / Fascinating Beach1480
Rock Lee / A Genius of Hard Work [Awakened]1442
Rock Lee / Hardworking Genius1468
Ameyuri Ringo / Furious Full-Tilt Lightning Blade1450
Third Raikage: A / One-Man Army1538 (1878)
Sasuke Uchiha / Parting Wings [Awaken]1322
Naruto Uzumaki / Power of Determination [Awaken]1958
Yagura / The Shadow that Rules the Mist1468
Tsunade / Brilliant Bravery1534
Naruto Uzumaki / Power of Determination2216
Pain / Signal Flare of Revolution2168
Orochimaru / Hidden Ambitions2138
Gaara / Many Bonds2170
Hanabi Hyuga / The Will of the Hyuga1487
Might Guy / Blue Roar1574
Haku / Tears of the Ice Mirror1496 (2036)
Neji Hyuga / A Quiet Acumen1240
Naruto Uzumaki / Proof of Bonds1606 (2286)
Shisui Uchiha / Hero Without Glory1618
Sasuke Uchiha / Hints Leading to the Truth1926
Sakura Haruno / Heroine of the Battlefield1796
Chojuro / Successor to the Ninja Sword1198
Fourth Raikage / Savage Lightning1938 (2516)
Killer Bee / Completed Jinchuriki1922
Konohamaru / The Will of Budding Flames1868 (2408)
Sasuke Uchiha / World Within a Kaleidoscope1504 (2374)
Naruto Uzumaki / Day of Vows2028
Yugito Nii / Unbreakable Will1652 (2154)
Sakura Haruno / Beautiful Attire1846
Yamato / Heartless Thought2034 (2724)
Ino Yamanaka / Like a Peony1684 (2334)
Sasuke Uchiha / Curse Mark 2nd State1486 (1972)
Naruto Uzumaki / Nine Tails Shroud1108
Rin Nohara / Overflowing Kindness2188 (2924)
Kakashi Hatake / A Father’s Blade1626 (2236)
Jiraiya / The Toad Ninja1406
Sakon / Brimming with Brutality1264
Naruto Uzumaki / Unshakeable Will1634 (2274)
Sasuke Uchiha / Heaven’s Curse Mark1356 (1860)
Choji Akimichi / A Life Bet on Two Wings1428 (1938)
Jirobo / Brute Strength1538
Sasori / Eternal Art1692 (2322)
Sakura Haruno / Spring in Full Bloom1540 (1822)
Asuma Sarutobi / All-Powerful Infighter1456 (1780)
Might Guy / Hot-Blooded Youth1574 (2054)
Chiriku / Ultimate Training1376
Hinata Hyuga / Proof of Resolution1176 (1380)
Orochimaru / The Snake Ninja1168
Sakon / Sakon of the West Gate1130
Hidan / Worshipping a Mad God2306 (3016)
Yahiko / Aspiring for Peace1342
Kakashi Hatake / Unique Eyes Blooming1862 (2376)
Suigetsu Hozuki / The Demon Lives On1530
Kushina Uzumaki / Enveloping Kindness1124
Temari / High Winds1488 (2198)
Kidomaru / Hard Spider Thread1370 (1715)
Tobirama Senju / Father of Reanimation1626 (2196)
Hashirama Senju / Father of the Leaf Village1206 (1676)
Naruto Uzumaki / Nine Tails Power-Up1280
Rock Lee / The Eight Gates1517 (2068)
Neji Hyuga / A Caged Bird1401 (2084)
Shikamaru Nara / The Decoy1364
Gaara / Sand Clad Demon1254
Hinata Hyuga / A Pure Heart1080 (1314)
Neji Hyuga / An Unchangeable Destiny999 (1344)
Hinata Hyuga / Nice Girl1110
Choji Akamichi / Glutton1334 (1679)
Tsunade / The Slug Ninja1565 (2216)
Sasuke Uchiha / Lone Survivor1470 (2620)
Rock Lee / Never Gives Up987 (1113)
Danzo Shimura (Awakened) / Embodiment of Darkness1724

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Naruto Blazing C Tier List [2022]

Characters at the Naruto Blazing C level are not the greatest, and they will have a hard time in most combat encounters, whether against AI or human players. If you want to succeed, you should avoid including them on your team. If they’re on your squad by chance, you’ll need to be quite strategic in how you utilize them.

Naruto Blazing Characters ListHP
Danzo Shimura / Embodiment of Darkness1806
Tobirama Senju / Inherited Will of Fire1724
Hinata Hyuga / Redemptive Words2024
Sasuke Uchiha / Catalyst of Ambition858
Mecha-Naruto / Steel Heart1341
Tenten / Battle Blade Dance1296
Iruka Umino / Because of Trust1188
Madara Uchiha / Dreams of the Far Future1255
Deidara (Awakened) / Magnum Opus1438
Deidara / Magnum Opus1520
Itachi Uchiha / The Promised Day2554
Hashirama Senju / Sorrowful Parting1394
Tobirama Senju (Awakened) / Inherited Will of Fire1412
Shisui Uchiha / The Elite Who Makes His Mark (Infinite Tsukuyomi)1242
Sasuke Uchiha / Judging the Conventional1640
Naruto Uzumaki / Happy New Year2019
Kisame Hoshigaki (Awakened) / The Tailless Tailed Beast1245
Kisame Hoshigaki / The Tailless Tailed Beast1396
Obito Uchiha / Remnants of Despair1300
Hashirama Senju / Bravery Known Throughout the War1520
Konan (Awakened) / Harbinger of Doom964
Gaara / Solid Sandstorm [Awakened]1358
Gaara / Solid Sandstorm1554
Minato Namikaze / Confronting Karma1102
Konan / Harbinger of Doom1198
Kushina Uzumaki / Mother’s Wishes1204
Naruto Uzumaki / As a Friend2368
Kabuto Yakushi / Dragon Transformation1608
Jiraiya / Moment of Choice1438
Itachi Uchiha (Awakened) / Eyes Gazing Over the Future1038
Itachi Uchiha / Eyes Gazing Over the Future1284
Obito Uchiha (Awakened) / State of Carnage1134
Obito Uchiha / State of Carnage1496
Hashirama Senju / Among the Strongest2992
Madara Uchiha / Phantasy’s Beckoning Light1734
Sakura Haruno (Awakened) / Unwavering Feelings1174
Sakura Haruno / Unwavering Feelings1366
Obito Uchiha / Despair of Loneliness1480
Minato Namikaze / Rapid Lightning1298

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the controls?

The controls are simple enough and easy to understand. The game is controlled with a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen, and buttons on the right side of the screen are used for various actions.

How do I upgrade my characters?

In Naruto Blazing, you can upgrade your characters by using items obtained from battles. To do this, go to the Main Menu and select Characters. There you will see all of the characters that you have unlocked, and you can upgrade them by tapping on their icons. You will need to use different items to upgrade different stats, so make sure you are using the right items for the right character!

How are the tiers determined?

The Tier list is determined by the player’s own personal strategy.The tier list has to be decided by what players know about their game, typically it would be people who are always keeping up with the lastest updates in any games that they play.

Why do players use the Naruto Blazing tier list?

There are many reasons why players might use a tier list for the Naruto Blazing game. Some of the benefits of using a tier list include being able to choose which characters to bring to your party, figuring out which characters are the strongest and weakest, and getting a solid foundation on which to build your rank.

Additionally, following a tier list can help you progress through the game more easily.

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The Naruto Blazing tier list is a valuable tool that can help you build the most powerful team possible. By following the recommendations in this list, you will be able to dominate your opponents in battle. If you are looking for an edge in this game, then make sure to use a tier list.

We hope that you found it to be valuable in assisting you in understanding the game better and providing you with an idea of who is at the top of the food chain. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep practicing and don’t give up!

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