Roblox Gear Codes List | Top Working Codes List [2023]

If you’re a fan of Roblox, you’ll want to check out our latest list of gear codes! These codes will give you access to some of the most popular items on the site, so be sure to use them while they’re still valid. We’ve also included a few codes for bonus items, so make sure you enter them all!


Hello everyone, today I’m going to be sharing with you all some popular Roblox gear codes that you can use in your games. I’ve compiled a list of over 50 different codes that should work for most people, so hopefully you’ll be able to find something useful!

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1 What is Roblox Gear?

Roblox gear is virtual equipment that you can use to give your character a unique look. There are many different types of gear, ranging from weapons and armor to accessories and clothing.

You can find gear codes for some of the most popular items in the game by visiting the Roblox website or looking up popular online retailers.

When shopping for gear, be sure to check the description carefully to make sure it will work with your character. Some gear is only compatible with certain types of characters, so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the right kind before making a purchase.

2 Types Of Roblox Gear

The following are the most popular Roblox Gears, according to users.

2.1 1. Personal Transport

We all know how frustrating it is to be stuck in traffic or have to walk long distances just to get where we’re going. But with a little help from Roblox gear, you can make travel a breeze! The first item on our list is the Personal Transport Gear, which allows you to zip around the map at supersonic speeds. With this handy dandy gadget, you’ll never have to worry about being late for an appointment again!

To use the Personal Transport Gear, simply equip it and press the spacebar. You’ll be zooming around in no time! If you want to slow down or stop, just release the spacebar and you’ll gradually come to a halt.

2.2 2. Social Items

A friend is asking for my assistance as a professional stilt walker at a social gathering. The capacity is utilized in this scenario for the gears of the event. The style features descriptions in multiple dancing potions or mini-games based on graphical user interface design.

2.3 3. Musical Instruments

Some of the most popular Roblox gear codes are for musical instruments. You can get a piano, guitar, or even a drum set. There are also codes for other types of instruments, like a violin or cello.

If you want to add some music to your game, these Roblox gear codes can help. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your game.

2.4 4. Building Tools

Building Tools refers to a group of gear that are used in Roblox for the purpose of creating, manipulating, or improving upon structures and other objects within games. These tools include items like the hammer, saw, screws, and more. Many Builder’s Club members have access to some exclusive Building Tools that can’t be obtained by non-members.

2.5 5. Explosives

This gear is perfect for those who like to blow things up! With this gear, you can create huge explosions that are sure to wreak havoc.

The potential to explode is defined by gears. This power is utilized to destroy the creatures behind the covers, whether individually or in a group for general havoc. Weapons such as rocket launchers and bombs are employed.

2.6 6. Navigation Enhancers

The next popular gear code on the list is the Navigation Enhancer. This gear is great for those who want to get around the map faster and with ease. The Navigation Enhancer gives you a speed boost, as well as the ability to double jump. This is a must-have for anyone who wants to be the best at getting around in Roblox.

2.7 7. Power Ups

There are a bunch of different power ups you can get in Roblox. This power is utilized to improve the strength of players who want to play longer. Walking speed increases and health bonuses are among the power-ups available.

2.8 8. Melee Weapons

Knives, on the other hand, are able to pierce bare skin. The disadvantage of this type of weapon is that it can only penetrate soft materials such as paper and cloth. Edge-type armors like swords and hammers, on the other hand, are advantageous since they allow penetration. Dual-wielded weapons are an example of a weapon in this category; they’re used for melee weapons.

2.9 9. Ranged Weapon

These weapons are designed specifically to hit distant targets, such as lasers and guns, which are better suited for long-range use. Some ranged weapons, like spawned minions that aid in the assault from various angles, aim indirectly.

Roblox Gear Codes

The following gears are included, as well as their ID Codes, which may be used to obtain them:

1. Golden Super Fly Boombox

Code: 212641536

A golden boombox that plays music. It has a range of different songs that it can play, from pop to classical.

2. Baseball Bat

Code: 55301897

It is only available for the ball game and costs 500 Robux.

3. Rainbow Magic Carpet

Roblox Gear Code: 225921000

This carpet may be ridden through the air, leaving a rainbow trail in its wake, and it costs 700 Robux.

4. Bombo’s Survival Knife

Code: 121946387

The Fork is one of the fundamental and useful weapons for melee assaults, which may be purchased for 100 Robux.

5. Body Swap Potion

Code: 78730532

This app will help you feel like you are living someone else’s life. It’s available for 400 Robux.

6. Attack Doge

Roblox Gear Code: 257810065

If you have a lot of opponents, send this doge by clicking on the opponent mark. This dog does not bite but the number of foes increases his barking. This clothing is available for 250 Robux.

7. Ronin Katana

Code: 12187348

It is a ronin samurai’s weapon, without a master or lord. It may be purchased for 45 Robux.

8. Arctic Fox Tail

Code: 188853857

This tail is made of sustainable materials and has no negative effects on your health. It may be equipped over your head to deal 22.5 damage to the target. It costs 275 Robux and is available for purchase.

9. Red Hyperlaser Gun

Code: 212296936

This laser beam is one-hit KO and has been recognized to be one of the fastest 650 Robux lasers on the market.

10. Historic ‘Timmy’ Gun

Code: 116693764

The M3 is a popular gun among civilians, police, crooks, and soldiers for its high rate of fire, dependability, compactness, and ergonomics. It costs 1000 Robux.

11. Gravity Coil

Code: 16688968

This item reduces the effect of gravity on your character by 75% and allows you to fall at greater speeds and jump higher. This equipment is available for 250 Robux.

12. Boombox Gear 3.0

Code: 193769809

You can use it to play any song, as long as you have the sound ID for it.

13. Ultimate Drive Speedster

Code: 253519495

If you buy this car for 750 Robux, all you have to do is click the button to get it on the road. This vehicle has a two-seater capacity.

14. Ice Blue Rolling Hoverboard

Roblox Gear Code: 2605965785

For 150 Robux, you may buy this blue cool hoverboard to roll around the city.

15. Silver Ninja Star of the Brilliant Light

Code: 11377306

It is possible to have both a blade that does not cast a shadow in the light and one that casts no shadow at all. It may be purchased for 15 Robux.

16. Ice Dragon Slayer

Code: 168141301

The mythical sword can be used to freeze an opponent and slow their movements, while also dealing 15 damage. It costs 350 Robux.

17. Galactic Laser Gun

Code: 168143042

Your might and fury will be feared by all extraterrestrials. It is available for 375 Robux.

18. Mad Murderer Knife

Code: 170897263

Are you kidding me? No. It will instantly impale any foes within blox with its deadly spikes. It’s available in the store for 500 dollars. Yes, I’m angry.

19. Speed Coil

Code: 99119158

Spend 250 Robux to acquire this coil and improve your ping rate.

20. Sword of the Epicredness

Code: 409745306

This sword has a 22-16 slashing damage output and, if utilized with the red flame shoot, can inflict an additional 25 points of damage. If any foe is trapped in the red orb explosion, it does 40 points of damage. This sword may be purchased for 500 Robux.

21. Grapple Hook

Code: 30393548

I’ve been grappling with everything since I was a kid. It’s currently available in the shop for 705 Robux.

22. BB Gun

Roblox Gear Code: 42845609

This is a nice gadget for the cost! If you’re looking for something cheap, I recommend it. However, make sure your head isn’t blocking your vision when shooting. You can get it for 750 Robux.

23. Golden Steampunk Gloves

Code: 243790334

It’s a bagpipe that can be worn for 15 points of damage and swung to deal the same amount of damage, plus it flings the opponent away. It is available for purchase for 325 Robux.

24. Korblox Mage Staff

Roblox Gear Code: 127506105

The user uses his hands to form a spear and throw it towards the foes. If the spear fails to strike their target, the blast will do minor damage. This is available for purchase for 1000 Robux.

25. Starblox Latte

Code: 15932306

The first is a high-quality, leather wallet that features three card slots and one cash pocket. The wallet comes in red or brown, and has a design including the Starbucks logo on both sides. It’s available for purchase for $35 US dollars and costs 125 Robux to produce.

26. Beat Up Super Jank Boombox

Code: 319655993

You can play your most popular songs and, if you’re lucky, the whole lot.

27. Penguin Power Pet

Roblox Gear Code: 172248941

You may purchase this pet for 300, then add it as a friend. Penguins will follow you everywhere and if you click on the animal, Penguin will leap onto your rump while the pet assists you in sliding across the map.

28. Claymor

Code: 11452821

The Mc Blox family’s favorite sword is available for 35 Robux.

29. Teddy Bloxpin

Code: 12848902

He loves you and it’s only $1. He is your new friend! It’s free, but he requires 100 Robux.

30. Luger Pistol

Roblox Gear Code: 95354288

It’s a WW2 Luger old-school relic from the war that lets you target different body parts for various effects. For 700 Robux, you can purchase it at the store.

31. Trench Warfare Shotgun

Code: 94233344

In one minute, a trench gun may fire 20 bullets. It sprays all around the enemy, also hitting adjacent foes. For $800 Robux, it is available.

32. Katana

Roblox Gear Code: 11453385

This blade will allow you to cut your foes in a single swipe and is available for 250 Robux.

33. Red Rolling Hoverboar

Code: 398675172

This is the hoverboard you’ll require if you want to just wander around the city. It may be purchased for 150 Robux and comes in the distinctive red color.

34. Golden Rolling Hoverboard

Code: 928805891

The NeoGraft hoverboard is a gold-colored motorized scooter that makes it easy to move about the city. It can be yours for 200 Robux.

35. Deluxe Rainbow Magic Carpet

Code: 477910063

A two-player sized magic carpet with a seating capacity of 750 Robux is available on the Roblox store.

36. Paint Bucket

Code: 18474459

It’s said to be a weapon for vandalism, just hold down the left mouse button and you can vandalize anything.

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37. Mad Morning Star

Code: 170902990

This mace must be swung, resulting in severe damage. It’s available for 425 Robux from the Roblox shop.

38. Fuse Bomb

Code: 11563251

It’s a fun, light game that you can play at any time and it costs nothing to download. It’s a fantastic way to pass the time and is suitable for all ages. It’s a casual bomb designed for mobile phones with an Android operating system that you may purchase from the Play Store for 30 Robux.

39. Spikesplosion

Roblox Gear Code: 73888479

It’s an improved version of a bomb with spikes. It may be purchased for 800 Robux in the shop.

40. Black Hole Bomb

Code: 28277486

This is the polar opposite of Fuse Bomb; it lures people towards it. It’s available for purchase in the Roblox shop for 550 Robux.

41. Paint Grenade

Code: 172246820

It’s just a paint grenade that will release the paint when it detonates, and it costs 300 Robux.

42. Subspace Tripmine

Code: 11999247

A fatal bomb causes a gash in the ground, resulting in the reification of a powerful explosion that may cause extensive damage. It costs 150 Robux and is available for purchase.

43. Hot Potato

Code: 25741198

It’s a defensive item that can be purchased for 190 Robux. It can be activated by left-clicking it and passing it ahead of time. It may also be obtained for 190 Robux.

44. Exploding Heart

Roblox Gear Code: 178076989

The Phoenix is a fantastic team-up for the Jackal. It’s essentially a suicide bomb that’ll send your foes flying and inflict 30-35 points of damage. You may purchase it for 700 Robux.

45. CocoWHAAA

Code: 24396804

There are some rumors about a trap which tempts you to drink water if you are parched, and once you try it, you will never be parched again! Get it from the store for $700 Robux.

46. Pig Boson Collidor

Code: 88143093

It’s an amusing weapon that’ll demolish your foes for fun, and it’s available for 800 Robux.

47. Bundle of TNT

Code: 12902404

To become a deadly and devastating explosive, a TNT was produced in three operations. It may be purchased for 700 Robux from the store.

48. Crowbar

Code: 21445765

This gear can be used to break things down into little pieces with ease. This Crowbar costs 350 Robux and has a 350 Robux activation cost.

49. Fiery Bone Trap

Code: 63253706

These strategies are effective if you want to demolish the enemy’s army without having a fight. Set these traps in a row, and scatter them about; when foes get caught by these traps, they’ll be turned to ashes.

50. Implosion Bomb

Code: 108875216

This bomb sounds a five-second beep before it explodes if dropped on the ground. It’s available for 750 Robux.

How to use Roblox Gear Codes?

To use Roblox gear codes, you’ll need to go to the specific game or item page on the Roblox website. Once there, click on the “Get Gear” button. A pop-up window will appear with a list of all the available gear for that particular game or item. Select the gear you want and then click on the “Copy Code” button. Finally, paste the code into the appropriate field in your Roblox game or item. That’s it! The gear should now be available for use in your game or item.

Gear Termination

It is a popular game on Roblox and it is well-known for its vast amount of gear that players can use. Some of these gear are really rare and hard to find, but we’ve compiled a list of more than 50 popular gear codes that you can use in the game! These should help you get started and give you an edge over other players.

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Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our list of more than 50 popular Roblox gear codes! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. And don’t forget to check out our other blog posts for more great Roblox content!

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