Top 10 Rarest, Most Expensive Cosmetics | Crab Game [2023]

Do you love cosmetics? Do you love the thrill of the hunt? If so, Crab Game is the perfect website for you! In this post, we will take a look at 10 of the rarest and most expensive cosmetics on Crab Game. These products are sure to excite any beauty lover! Keep reading to learn more.

Crab Game:

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog post! Today, I’ll be talking about the top ten rarest and most expensive cosmetics in Crab Game. For those of you who don’t know, Crab Game is a massively multiplayer online game with over one million active players. It’s been around for over ten years and is still going strong.

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10) Bowl Cut- Crab Game

Store Price: $270

This ultra rare cosmetics item is only available to those who have purchased the “Bowl Cut” DLC pack. This pack includes a special hair style for your crab avatar, as well as a unique bowl cut-themed background.

9) The Dani Special- Crab Game

Store Price: $333

This is a very rare cosmetic that was only available during a limited time event. It is made with real crab meat and has a unique flavor that sets it apart from other cosmetics.

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8) YIKE Brick- Crab Game

Store Price: $113

The YIKE Brick is the rarest and most expensive cosmetic in Crab Game. It is a one of a kind item that can be found in the game’s secret shop. The brick cannot be traded or sold, making it the most valuable item in Crab Game.

7) Gasmask- Crab Game

Store Price: $55

These are some of the rarest cosmetics in Crab Game and can only be found in a handful of crates. They offer very little protection against the gas but look really cool.

Gas Masks are one of the most expensive cosmetics in Crab Game.

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6) Soaring Sneakers

Store Price: $60

Soaring Sneakers are a very rare cosmetic that can only be found in a handful of places. They offer the player a significant speed boost and allow them to double jump.

The soaring sneakers were first introduced in an update that added a new game mode called “Soar.” In this mode, players must use the sneakers to jump and reach new heights.

5) Shiny 0.5 Yakuza

Store Price: $300

These ultra-rare cosmetics are only available to players who have completed the game’s most difficult challenge mode.

Only a handful of people in the world have been able to get their hands on one of these, making them some of the most expensive cosmetics in Crab Game history.

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4) YIKE Lucky Hat

Store Price: $85

The YIKE Lucky Hat is a duller, less colorful version of the original. It’s only available in the basic version, which comes in a light blue color.

3) Shiny 1.0 Ground Force 

Store Price: $100

This is one of the rarest cosmetics, and it’s also the most expensive.

The ground force 2 shoes, which are as uncommon as they come, are the base variant. The basic form is quite common among legendary sneakers. It appears that presently, few shinnies exist for players to earn.

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2) Shiny 0.9 Headset

Store Price: $650

There are several headsets available for as little as $1, but this specific version is extremely unusual, with prices starting at hundreds of dollars. There’s just one shiny 0.9 headset on the market, so we can guess it’s one of, if not the rarest in the game. It does appear to be fantastic, but another cosmetic item.

1) Shiny Golden Fedora

Store Price: $893

The most pricey item in the game (some things are listed as more costly, but that is just players trying to be funny). A golden version should be regarded as a crown, representing online gaming.


These are the top ten rarest and most expensive cosmetics in Crab Game. Some of these items are so rare that they are nearly impossible to find, while others are so expensive that only the wealthiest players can afford them. What is your favorite cosmetic in Crab Game? Let us know in the comments below!

This concludes our list of the top ten rarest and most expensive cosmetics in Crab Game. We hope you enjoyed reading and that you found this information helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the section below. Thanks for reading! until next time!

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