What is Carl on Duty Black Cops? | Complete Answer 2023

Do black cops exist? According to the popular meme, “Carl on Duty,” they don’t. But is this really the case? Or is this a stereotype that has been perpetuated for far too long? In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the reality of black cops and dispel some of the myths that have been circulated online.


It’s no secret that the internet loves a good meme. And when it comes to memes, there’s one topic that seems to be particularly popular: black cops.

Sure, you’ve probably seen the Carl on Duty meme a million times. But have you ever stopped to think about whether or not this meme is actually based in reality? Are there really black cops out there who are just as badass as the ones in the meme?

Well, it turns out that yes, there are! In fact, black cops are more than just a meme; they’re a reality. And they’re here to stay.

So, what do you think? Are black cops a reality or just a meme? Let us know in the comments below!

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1 Who is Carl?

Carl is a black police officer who goes viral on the internet after a video of him playing with children in a park is shared online. The video leads to people dubbing Carl the “coolest cop ever” and he quickly becomes a meme.

However, not everyone is happy about Carl’s newfound fame. Some people argue that the only reason he’s become popular is because he’s a black cop, and that this reinforces negative stereotypes about black men.

2 What is Carl on Duty Black Cops?

Carl on Duty Black Cops is a first person shooter video game developed by Gameloft. The game was released on November 13, 2013, for iOS and Android devices.

The game is set in the year 2023 in an alternate reality where crime has reached an all-time high and the police are corrupt. In order to combat this, a new division of the police force called the “Special Weapons and Tactics” or SWAT team, is formed. You play as Carl Johnson, a member of this elite unit who must use his skills to take down criminals and restore justice to the city.

So far, the game has been met with positive reviews, with many praising its graphics, gameplay, and overall fun factor.

3 Some of the viral Carl on Duty Black Cops Meme

The Carl on Duty Black Cops meme started circulating in early November and features photos of black police officers with the caption “Carl on duty.” The meme is a play on the popular “Bad Luck Brian” meme and pokes fun at the stereotype of black men being associated with crime.

Some people have accused the meme of being racist, but others argue that it’s just harmless fun. Regardless of whether or not you find the meme offensive, there’s no denying that it’s taken over the internet in recent weeks.

Some of the viral Carl on Duty Black Cops Meme are-

3.1 #1 Game Poster

This image does not appear to be a meme, but it was included in the mission of the Carl of Duty game by the creator. Instead of being seen as a meme, people assumed this photo was a new release of the game, giving rise to an artificial frenzy over Carl’s reputation.

3.2 #2 Game CD

It’s a dank meme that will make you laugh. So it’s one of the greatest dank memes you’ll find on the internet. It claims we wanted to have a Carl on Duty Black Cops, but we only received it after discovering that it was an altered photo because the real game does not exist.

3.3 #3 Xbox 360 Disc

Emoticons are used to express deep memes. We initially got excited about playing the new game Carl on Duty Black Cops, but we later discovered it was a fraudulent replica. The final emoticon indicates that we were successfully fooled by the game’s chase.

3.4 #4 Xbox

This meme won’t give you much optimism, since it will cause you to be wary of those who promise to play the game of Carl of Duty Black Cops. So remember that there is no such thing as a real game.

3.5 #5 Black Cops III

The hype about the Black Cops came to an end with the release of the last meme. With a fantastic eye-catching picture of Carl in a battle outfit, this meme had all of the attention because the editing was flawlessly done.

4 FAQs

4.1 Is Carl on Duty Black Cops a real game?

No, it isn’t a real game. You may come across a few of them on different websites, but don’t be fooled because you might get taken advantage of or lose your money.

4.2 Which is the most trending meme regarding Carl COD?

The most popular meme since it was the first made by a random guy who generated worldwide buzz.

4.3 Is Carl a real person?

Yes, he is a real person who has appeared in several television series as an American actor. His formal name is Carl Winslow.

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Final Words

We hope this article helped clear some things up for you. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer them. And if you’re looking for a good laugh, be sure to check out the Carl on Duty Black Cops memes!

What are your thoughts on the Carl on Duty Black Cops meme? Do you find it offensive or harmless fun? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to check out our other articles on all things internet culture.

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