What is Glacial Augment and How to Use It Properly?

League of Legends, or LoL for short, is an online multiplayer battle arena video game that was released in 2009 and has gone on to be one of the most popular video games in the world.

The game can be played on several different modes with a variety of characters and monsters available to choose from. The objective is usually to destroy the enemy’s nexus structure which requires teamwork and strategic planning. This article will explore how to play League of Legends for both beginner and advanced players!

What are runes in League of Legends?

Runes are permanent bonuses to the stats (damage, defense, magical power) and effects (stat modifiers or sets of spells) that last for either 6 or 12 mins per rune. The runes’ stats will be boosted based on different kinds of bonus points in Summoner’s skills

(Heroes with “Blast” ability can summon up to 10 types of Runes freely in Unlimited Mode when near the Rune Shrine). Start with buying the cheapest one at the Rune Shop then choose according to your playstyle.

The Various Types of Runes:

  • AP runes: Increases Ability Power by 30% .
  • Defense runes: Increases armor and magic resistance by 4.
  • HP runes: Increases health points by 1%.
  • Movement Speed Runes: Increases Movement Speed by 2%.

What is Glacial Augment?

Glacial Augment, or GA for short, is an ability that can be found on one of the League of Legends Champions-Lissandra. It’s used to slow down enemies or make them more vulnerable to damage depending on the situation. As with all League of Legends abilities, there are three ranks – rank 1, rank 2, and rank 3. The higher the level the stronger the effect will be! To unlock additional levels you first have to master previous levels which require spending an item called ‘rp’ (which stands for ‘rank points’) along with gold that you’ve earned during matches. This means it takes time and patience to master GA so it may not be best to start at the top! You can read more about rank points here.

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what are the effects of each stage?

Rank 1: Slows attack speed by 10%.

This is a good choice if you’re facing enemies who have high attack speeds or need to buy some time before using your ultimate ability. It’s great for escaping enemies as it slows their movement speed-this makes them easier to escape from. If you’re stuck in a fight and there are no minions around, use this to run away it will give you just enough time to escape.

The only downside is that Glacial Augment doesn’t slow down how fast your champion moves so if an enemy has low health but is still quicker than you then they will outrun you!

Rank 2: Slows movement speed by 40%.

This is a reasonable choice if you’re in a team fight and want to make it easier for your allies to hit the enemy. The duration doesn’t last as long as rank 1 so when moving around the map, such as when farming minions, it’s best to use rank 3 instead. When chasing an enemy or running away this is ideal-both your attack speed and movement speed will be slowed down. The only downside is that enemies can still move through units which makes it harder to block paths.

Rank 3: Roots targeted enemy champion for 2 seconds.

This rank of glacial augment is perfect when ganking an enemy in the jungle as it stops them from moving for a few seconds. This gives you enough time to land some basic attacks and does damage before they can fight back. It’s also useful when taking down turrets as the enemy will be rooted in place which makes it harder for them to escape. If you want to make sure that your target is rooted or slowed then cast glacial augment on an ally who will follow up with their abilities, this will guarantee a slow!

What are the pros and cons of Glacial Augment?

Pros: Great utility, especially when ganking enemies in the jungle. Good at putting out damage during team fights. Helps allies land basic attacks on enemies easier.

Cons: Attack speeds of champions can still be fast. Doesn’t slow movement speed as much as other ranks. Only lasts a short time at lower levels.

Which Champions are best with the Glacial Augment?

Lissandra is a champion who can use it and most of her abilities involve slowing enemies down. Her kit is all about controlling the battlefield, so she’s perfect for slowing down enemies to make them more vulnerable to damage.

Champions such as Ryze and Ziggs also have skills that slow enemies down, but not as much as Lissandra does. Other champions like Morgana and Vladimir can also use glacial augment in some way or another- for example, Morgana’s ultimate ability slows allied champions while Vladimir’s ultimate ability slows enemy champions!

How can I use Glacial Augment effectively?

When you want to deal damage: Use rank 3 to root or slow an enemy who is fleeing from your team-this will make it harder for them to escape and allow your allies the chance to kill them! If there are a lot of enemy champions attacking one of your allies-cast rank 2 on that ally so they have enough time to retreat from enemies.

This lets you cast other abilities while glacial augment is activated which allows you to be more efficient during team fights! It’s best not to use this ability when you’re by yourself as it has a long cooldown and doesn’t slow movement speed.

When you want to escape: Rank 1 is ideal when trying to escape from an enemy so use it if the situation calls for it! Make sure that you have enough health and mana before using glacial augment-it has a long cooldown so don’t activate this ability if you need to fight or move quickly.

When fleeing enemies will often try to cut off your escape route by running through minions. If they do this, use rank 3 on an ally who will follow up with basic attacks which will help kill them faster! The spell shield helps protect against abilities but it can’t stop turrets from shooting at you.

It’s best not to try and tank tower damage with glacial augment activated as its cooldown gets longer the more times it’s used.

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How can I counter someone who uses Glacial Augment?

Save your crowd control abilities until after they have activated glacial augment. This will stop them from being able to move or attack for a couple of seconds which means you can get in some damage before they retaliate!

If you’re in the jungle and an enemy is moving through minions slowly, cast your abilities on the minions instead-this will let you do damage without activating glacial augment. Try not to run away when faced with enemies using this ability as it makes it harder to escape if they follow up their movement speed slow with other abilities or basic attacks.

When fleeing save your movement speed boost when needed instead of always having it the active-this way you’ll be able to activate it when glacial augment is active and escape the enemy attack!

Thank you for reading my article on what is Glacial Augment and how to use it effectively in the game. I hope this was helpful for those who wanted to know more about this topic.

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