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We would like to invite you to write for us and write high-quality, well-studied and well-written material on our website for submission of articles. Join us as a contributor to credible and relevant blogs. You can reach out to a large population with various pieces of content available at //gamingbounce.com/

Are you a digital marketing professional who would like to write an article that will be distributed to a wide range of people?

If you’re sure, it’s worth connecting with us since we welcome the quality and precise web content.

Join the impressive collection of contributors to Gaming bounce with your Gaming blogs that cover a range of subjects.

We’ve always been searching for innovative and imaginative digital marketing bloggers that can be our contributors.

Content Guidelines You Should Follow and How Do You Pitch Your Content?

  • Pay attention to anything that contains more than 1,000 words comprising three or two keywords that are that are optimized for the text.
  • The subject line you use in your email should help Gaming Bounce and then the subject of your email’s article. Tell us about your experience and background.
  • Include a paragraph that contains the links to previous articles as well as your portfolio.
  • Please share the Google Doc link for the guest pitch with assistance from the message.
  • Make sure you are using the featured image for each article.
  • If you’re using figures, pictures, or stats from other sources, make sure you pay attention to mentioning the references or credit URLs.
  • The links to social media handles will be available for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

We are inviting you to contribute to the Gaming Bounce blog. We are looking forward to your contributions!


  • We will never receive the press release for sales pitches or product promotions.
  • Don’t try to promote your product or service through the assistance of a guest blog article.
  • Do not use too many hyperlinks within the text.
  • You should only give only legitimate links and details.
  • The article shouldn’t be published in any other publication prior to Gaming Bounce.
  • Please don’t send us to spin articles there’s a huge “NO” for Spin Content.
  • Your content shouldn’t contain any plagiarism. In all cases, you should not copy the content from any other source. If we discover that you duplicated the material, we’ll stop you from further posting on our site. You may want to look into the source of the plagiarism by using precise tools.
  • Check to ensure that there aren’t any grammar mistakes in the text. Make use of Grammarly to correct mistakes.

Do not pitch the simple “how-to” as well as “what is” kind of content. We will only consider advanced and intermediate levels of blogs on digital marketing.

We invite you to share your thoughts, ideas, concepts as well as pitches.

You can submit your blog’s pitch to our email address.

We’ll review your submitted and determine whether it’s the perfect suitable for our target audience. It usually takes us a week to get back to you.

If you have any questions Send us an email.

What benefits do you Receive When You Write for Gaming bounce, an Author Submission Site?

Let’s talk about what you can expect as advantages.

  • You could have the possibility to publish your article in our blog section and receive the attention of a large number of our subscribers.
  • We could also conduct mailer campaigns to ensure rise in pitch of the post.
  • Through the content you’re posting to all social media platforms you will gain a lot of followers.
  • You will be able to access the do-follow backlinks by clicking on the post’s bio section. Apart from the specific request we are also able to offer you hyperlinks in the article which are relevant and beneficial.
  • Social media posts that are sponsored are a way of an increase in the visibility of the post.
  • In our blog we suggest you do paid social media promotions with our help.

So What Can We Expect From the Digital Marketing Contributors who write for us?

  • Before you submit your content, be sure you read our clearly defined guidelines.
  • Any content with lower than the stated amount of words could be subject to be rejected. It is worth taking a look at the most recent blog posts which will provide a brief overview of the articles we’ve posted.
  • We suggest that you start by suggesting topics you are able to write about. It is also possible to email your draft ideas for the content using the assistance of Google document’s link.
  • It is important to note that only pre-approved topics are suitable to review or publication

Send us your article

We prefer articles in doc format. Send us an email to [email protected] with author name, bio, and social media links (Twitter or Linkedin). Before you send the entire article, it is better to tell us about your article topic.

We will respond to you with approval or rejection once we have received the topic. Once we have approved the topic for the article, you will need to submit content that follows the guidelines below.

We will respond to you with approval or rejection once we have received the topic. Once we have approved the topic for the article, you will need to submit content that follows the guidelines below.

If the content is of high quality, we will publish it. We will also send you a link to the article.

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